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Hidden stuff in U7SI

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Kenneth Edward Whitten

Jan 23, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/23/97

Here is a list of various hidden caches of items in Serpent Isle. Some of you
probably know about them, so this list is for those who don't. It also
includes hexadecimal coordinates, in case you want to t-port there.

Note: most, if not all, are inaccessible without the cheatmode

TC = Treasure Chest TPorter = teleporter


Wierd cave has a blink ring 827 9d6
TC (in Furnace) empty 744 9da
plaques (Crematorium, 33d a4d
in Monitor)
lever (Monk Isle) no *apparent* effect 953 473
Infinity Bow 9b7 672
TC (Fawn) (locked; unpickable; 3a2 6ed
contains 50 filari)
chest (Skullcrusher) (magic axe, 87 GP) 427 535
TPorter (Freedom) no *apparent* effect 9a7 5d7
TC (Freedom) (poison-trap; key) 9e7 5d9
Infinity Bow cc 514
3 powderkegs 596 394
basket (Fawn Tower) (magic bow, 20 lucky 3e1 822
arrows, 13 magic bolts)
THE QUEST ITEM BACKPACK (contains: all Serpent 693 8b
equipment (armor, staff, crown, ring, necklace,
earrings), the Ophidian Sword, all 3 blackrock
serpents, Eye of Order, Eye of Chaos)

If anyone finds more (as you undoubtedly will), please add it to this list.
Also, I know that somewhere, there are 4 hidden invs rings. Yet when I looked
for them to note their location, I could not find them. If you come across
them, please post.

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