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Fortran Dragon

Dec 1, 1998, 3:00:00 AM12/1/98
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Copyright: (c) 1998 Edward Franks. Portions copyright 1996, 1997 Andrew
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------------------------------------------------------------------------* Frequently Asked Questions List (Part 3 of 3)


This FAQ was originally conceived, and written by Andrew Charlton
aka Erratic Dragon, aka Erraticus <>. The original
FAQ may be found at

This FAQ is currently being maintained by Fortran Dragon
<> and may be found at:

Unless otherwise stated, the use of "I" and "me" refers to the FAQ
maintainer. The exception to this is the questions which are written by
the archetypical newbie.


6) Ultima, the Dragons and The World Wide Web

6.1) The Ring of Dragons

This FAQ can barely scratch the surface of resources available, and
can only list one or two sources of information for each topic. The
Ring of Dragons links together many Ultima and Ultima Dragons related
information in an easy to navigate manner. For more about the Ring of
Dragons, check out

6.2) Ultima Under Emulators

Some Ultimas for different platforms can still be played on a PC.
Check out the Ultima emulator FAQ (By Caliaber Dragon and Archon
Dragon). Available at:

6.3) Ultima Fan Fiction

You can find a list of Ultima fan fiction at Dragon Press,

6.4) How can I put Ultima runes on my web pages?

Yes. Archon Dragon has a page on how to use a Java applet to display
Ultima Runes. It is available at

6.5) Is there an Ultima Windows 95 desktop theme?

Yes, Micro Dragon has constructed a theme with a large collection of
backgrounds, cursors, etc. It's available from

6.6) Ultima Levels for Games

6.6.1) Civilization 2

The Silly Dragon has a Civilization 2 map available if you email him
at <>.

Ophidian Dragon also has a Civilization 2 map available if you email
him at <>.

Darkling Dragon also has a Civilization 2 map available if you email
him at <>.

6.6.2) CivNet

Ophidian Dragon has a CivNet map available if you email him at

6.6.3) Warcraft 2

Vulcan Dragon has a Warcraft 2 PUD available if you email him at

Ophidian Dragon also has a Warcraft 2 PUD available if you email him
at <>.

Shodan Dragon also has a set of Warcraft 2 PUDs called the Blood of
Britannia available at <>, or you
might email him at <>.

6.6.4) Warlords 2

Ophidian Dragon has a Warlords 2 level available if you email him at

6.6.5) Doom 2

Darkling Dragon also has a Doom 2 map of the Ultima 4 version of the
city of Britain available if you email him at <>.

6.7) Ultima Maps

Xe Dragon has created HRUMP (High-Resolution Ultima Map Project) at
<>. He has scans of the Ultima 1,
Ultima 2, Ultima 3, Ultima 4, Ultima 6, Savage Empire, and Martian
Dreams maps.

Ynnad Dragon has a very large Ultima 5 map at
<>. The map is
available as a Corel Draw 8 file and as a Windows BMP.


7) Real Time Interactions

7.1) The Weyrmount

7.1.1) What is the Weyrmount?

Its a MOO, a virtual environment for Dragons to interact with each

7.1.2) How do I get there?

The 'Official' address is <telnet://>.
Telnet to that address.

Follow the instructions on the screen, and connect as a guest. If
you don't get any instructions, then either you are forgetting the port
number, or your telnet client software is ignoring it. If it is the
latter, then you probably have to get a new client.

There is also a web page at <>.

7.1.3) What do I do once I'm there?

A MOO is a lot like a text adventure, to walk around type stuff like
"Go North" actually usually just "N" will suffice, to talk to other
players, type "say <your text here>", this has a shortcut version,
simply typing a double quote instead of say will work exactly the same

The best way to get help is to page someone. You can type @who to
get a list of all the users who are currently logged on, and then type
"page <charactername> <your message i.e. Please help me, I'm new...>"
(page can be replaced by an apostrophe) the people on the MOO are very
nice, and are almost certain to help you.

There is a lot to learn, but most of it is very easy to use after a
short while. Typing help, or help <something> can often help.

There is a Weyrmount FAQ maintained by Underworld Dragon which
provides much more information,

If you are on the Weyrmount, you can access the FAQ with this
command "read $faq".

7.2) IRC

7.2.1) What is IRC?

IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat", it consists of a lot of
"Channels" each of which has its own topic. People can join channels and
talk (Or rather, type).

Channels of interest to Ultima players include #UDIC on Undernet,
the Ultima Dragons' channel, #UO on Undernet, and #Ultima on EFNet.

7.2.2) How do I get there?

First, you need an IRC client, a large archive of IRC clients is
available at <>.

Different clients have different ways of accessing the commands, for
example some of the following commands may be automated, and you will
only need to fill in a dialog box, so please read the documentation of
your client.

You will first need to connect to an IRC server by typing:

Replacing "" with a server near you from the list of
Undernet servers available at <> (for #UDIC and
#UO), or the list of EFNet servers at <> (for

If all goes well, you should get a message-of-the-day flashing up on
your screen. Your client may have asked you for a nickname to use on
IRC, but if not then you can type:
/nick <your nickname>

Choose something unique (9 letters max)- there are a lot of people
on IRC, and only one person can use each name at a time - your Dragon
name is probably a good choice. Now, to join a channel, type:
/join #channel (replacing "#channel" with the name of the channel
you want to join).

7.2.3) What do I do once I'm there?

Just start typing. Everything you type is sent to everyone on the
channel (when you press <return>), except for lines beginning with "/".
Anything beginning with a "/" is interpreted as a command, one useful
command is:
/me does something.

Everyone else will see "<your nickname> does something".

7.2.3) What does "re" mean?

It essentially means "Hello again", it could come from "re-hi" or
perhaps it is just a shortening of "Regards".


8) Summary
+ Text version of the FAQ,

+ UDIC FAQ, <>

+ Ultima Dragons' Homepage, <>

+ Ultima Dragons Join Form, <>

+ Roster Update, <>

+ Ultima Dragons' Homepages,
<> or

+ Homepage Registration,

+ RGCUD Creation,

+ RGCU* Creation,

+ Free News servers,

+ Web-based News Servers,
+ DejaNews, <>
+, <> (subscription)
+, <>

+ Furcadia, <>

+ Windows-based newsreaders,
+ Forte Agent/Free Agent, <>
+ Microplanet Gravity, <>

+ Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval, <>

+ Ultima Collectibles FAQ,

+ Encore U1-6 CD Problems,

+ Electronic Arts Online Store, <>

+ Ultima Documentation (Origin), <>

+ Ultima Documentation (Micro),

+ Ultima Documentation (Trigon),

+ Adobe Acrobat Reader, <>

+ Ultima 7 and Windows 95 (Erinnyes),

+ Ultima 7 and Windows 95 (Gaseous),

+ Ultima 8 For Beginners,

+ PC Slowdown Page, <>

+ Ultima and the AWE32,

+ Ultima Walkthroughs (Origin), <>,

+ Ultima Walkthroughs (Excalibur), <>

+ Ultima Dragons Newbie FAQ,

+ Ultima Storyline FAQ,

+ Ultima Timeline FAQ,

+ Ultima Online Home, <>

+ Ultima Online FAQ, <>

+ Ultima: Acension FAQ, <>

+ Origin's official Ultima: Ascension website,

Origin's official web-based discussion board,

+ The Ring of Dragons,

+ Ultima Emulator FAQ,

+ Ultima Fan Fiction,

+ Ultima Runes Applet,

+ Ultima Win95 Theme,

+ Ultima 7: Black Gate, Weapon and Armor Ratings,

+ Ultima 7, part 2: Serpent Isle, Weapon and Armor Ratings,

+ Ultima 8 Cheats,

+ Weyrmount MOO, <telnet://>

+ Weyrmount MOO website, <>

+ Weyrmount FAQ,

+ The Undernet, <>

+ EFNet, <>

8.2) Other Stuff

+ UDIC FTP Site, <>

+ Akalabeth,

+ Akalabeth AppleSoft Basic source code,

+ Akalabeth PC port (with QBASIC source),

+ Ultima 2 divide-by zero fix,

+ Ultima 2 missing planets fix,

+ Ultima 2/3 CGA Color fix (for VGA monitors or better),

+ Ultima 7 fix for Riva 128 video boards,

+ Ultima 4 (PC version),

+ Ultima 4 Graphics Update,

+ Ultima 4 Sound Update, <>

+ Ultima 6 sound fix, <>

+ Ultima Underworld 1 General MIDI fix,

+ Ultima 7 General MIDI fix,

+ Serpent Isle General MIDI fix,

+ Director's Cut of Serpent Isle Intro

+ Ultima Underworld 2 General MIDI fix,

+ Ultima 8 patch,
+ English Version,

+ German Version,

+ French Version,

+ Ultima 8 Cheat Activator,

+ Warcraft 2 PUD - Blood of Britannia,

+ Ultima maps, HRUMP (High-Resolution Ultima Map Project),

+ Ultima maps, Ultima 5,

+ IRC Client Archive, <>

8.3) Why isn't my page in here?

I welcome submissions, but just be aware that it is simply not
possible to list every Ultima related resource out there.


9) Acknowledgments

Thanks to the writers of all the other FAQs and pages, and software
that this one references, and all the contributors of the Ultima
newsgroups who have answered some of these questions numerous times
without complaint.

Comments, and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to email me at


Copyright (c) 1998 Edward Franks. All rights reserved.

Portions Copyright 1996, 1997 Andrew Charlton. All rights reserved.



Fortran Dragon -==(UDIC)==- | "There isn't enough darkness in the world
-=[MT]=- | to quench the light of one small candle."
Hidalgo Trading Company: <>
rgcud FAQ: <>

Whovian Dragon

Dec 3, 1998, 3:00:00 AM12/3/98
In article <>, says...

>6.6) Ultima Levels for Games

It really doesn't count as an "Ultima Game Level," but there's an Ultima
area available for Diku muds. The only place I've seen it is on Mystic
Adventures (telnet:// 6000), but the coder's credit in
the first room includes the words "...for any Diku mud," so I'm pretty
sure it's generic, not exclusive. It's a good area--no serious bugs;
challenging mobs that drop good eq; descriptions that are grammatically
correct, well written, and true to the Ultima canon and feel. Also, you
get to kill Iolo and Smithy, something that I know a lot of you like to
do. :-)

Sorry, I don't know where to get it.

Heather Keesecker, aka Whovian Dragon -=UDIC=-
"That and a surfboard ruined the sixties." -- my husband's reaction
to Shamino's portrait in Ultima VI

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