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Carl Frendzel

Mar 4, 1995, 4:51:41 AM3/4/95


The REAL place to get all your
DOOM Info!

As Always
Tastes Great!
Less Filling!
150-200 NEW posts per day!

See ya all there!

The secret society is kicking around the idea
of having this group r.g.c.d.playing removed.. watch for futher developments.

Yes Boys, an RFD is in the works.. we warned you assholes about posting
your ads in our group....


Brought to you by
ST-A.G.D group

Frans P. de Vries

Mar 4, 1995, 2:27:50 PM3/4/95
Carl Frendzel ( wrote:

} Brought to you by
} ST-A.G.D group

Thanks for writing up a little nostalgia. You are however misleading readers
new to DOOM and its newsgroups. Here are some relevant facts:

On January 4, 1994, was created to give the then newly
released game its own discussion forum and to keep DOOM traffic out of the
generic action games newsgroup By September
1994 traffic in had gone up to some 300 articles per day.

In order to try to cope with the volume in and improve the
propagation of DOOM news, the people on proposed and discussed
a set of newsgroups in the rec hierarchy. Several groups dedicated to
specific topics were proposed to be able to focus only on certain aspects
of DOOM news, eg. level editing.

The people on and c.s.i.p.g.action (and other groups) voted
with (on average) 375 in favor of their creation and 90 against. The new
rec groups were intended to replace the alt groups and the Usenet community
therefore democratically agreed to this. As a result, on November 14, 1994,
the* newsgroups were created.

Many knowledgable DOOMers have moved to the r.g.c.d.* groups since. A
number of helpful, informational postings appear monthly in r.g.c.d.announce.
Ian Mapleson's Doom Help Service (DHS) has moved from a.g.d.newplayers to, offering more info to readers new to DOOM. The FAQ for the
r.g.c.d.* groups offers up-to-date pointers, ftp sites and answers to
frequently asked questions.

Ultimately, it will be administrators of news servers around the world who
will decide to remove the old groups, or alias them to the new ones. On
many sites this has already happened, increasingly limiting propagation of
articles posted to the alt DOOM groups.

Readers interested in a copy of the Requests For Discussion (RFDs), Call For
Votes (CFV) and Voting Results for the r.g.c.d.* groups can obtain them from

Thank you for reading,
Frans P. de Vries | | Rec.Games.Computer.Doom FAQ maintainer

David A Pannette

Mar 9, 1995, 2:00:04 PM3/9/95
Uhm, posting ad's in your newsgroup??? Is'nt that what you've
been doing in this newsgroup for a while now???

- a massivly confused Paladin

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