Freedoom: Stuck in the Courtyard

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Roy Carin

May 30, 2007, 4:56:17 AM5/30/07
I'm playing Freedoom 0.5 under prboom (Linux). I stuck in a certain
section of "The Courtyard" (level 18).

I'm stuck in the part of the map where you get the chainsaw. To get out
of this section, you have to quickly click two buttons (shaped as
skulls) and run through an open door. You then enter a small dark
passageway that has no exit (other
than the way you came).

At the end of the passageway, there is clearly a door; however, it
doesn't open, and I can find no buttons to open it. "The Courtyard" is
listed as "done," so there must be a way out, but how?

To demonstrate more clearly where I'm stuck, I've posted a couple of
images of my game position; the first image was taken before I went into
the small dark passageway because it's too dark in there; I've placed an
arrow on the second image showing the door that won't open.

The images are posted here:



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