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alternative ways of playing chess

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Osinga m Douwe

Mar 19, 1990, 9:19:41 AM3/19/90

I have lately become rather interested in playing chess with different
rules, for example with the aim of loosing all your pieces as fast as
possible. If there's anybody out there who's made up interesting rules
or heard of new rules, please send them to me by e-mail (
If there are more people interested in a collection, I'll summarize

Is there anybody who knows of a chess-program able to play with a
different set of rules?

Douwe M Osinga (

Shuman Lloyd Lee

Mar 19, 1990, 3:07:27 PM3/19/90

i've heard of one interesting way to change the game, but still play
"actual" chess: switch the positions of the knights and bishops. I
heard something about people doing this in the early 1900s -- in order
to avoid all the openings analysis that had been done!!


Louis Blair

Mar 20, 1990, 12:07:52 PM3/20/90
About a year ago, David Pritchard (Badgers
Wood, Hascombe Road, Godalming, GU8 4AA,
England) announced that he was working on
a massive book about chess variations (he said
that he already had information on about 500
different games). Has anyone heard any more
about this project?

Chess Variations: Ancient, Regional, and Modern by John Gollon is
available from
Charles E. Tuttle Co., Inc., 28 South Main Street, Rutland, VT 05701.

According to the February 1990 issue of
the British Chess Magazine: "A new quarterly
magazine `Variant Chess' is being produced by
G. P. Jelliss. Subscription, L3.00, to him at 99
Bohemia Road, St Leonards-on-Sea TN37 6RJ.
The Jan-March first issue has articles on Refusal
Chess, Chess Patience, Generalised Chess, Pro-
gressive Chess ..."

Ishi Press (1400 North Shoreline Blvd.,
Building A7, Mt. View CA 94043) is
now selling a program (for the Amiga
computer) that plays Chaturanga,
Burmese Chess, Chinese Chess, Shatranj,
Byzantine Chess, Mediaeval Chess, Courier,
Turkish Chess, Decimal Chess, and Los
Alamos Chess.

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