Request for proposals "Ownership of Building for Chess/Arts Center ------ Gens Una Sumus"

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Dec 21, 2003, 6:06:12 AM12/21/03
you have no experience in researching matters, or in writing proposals
(in brief not in a long winded or imcomplete manner) get some practice in,
or do your homework very carefully or your propsals will merely be
completely disgarded as too much time consuming (they will not be graded and
corrected for you, merely rejected.

Before responding to this poster correct the email address attached by
removing the required part/s

I have a cash commitment/s for the purchase and finance of a building
based on personal finances notes and mortgage which can be used for
acquistion of a building for a chess and arts center.

If thru the use and exercise of due diligence you, and or your club are
able to find a building (providing all legal details) that can be acquired
at a low cost (many can be acquired for rehab from governmental agencies)
and with a viable/sizible support base in the community of close vicinity
you may contact me.

(sort of like the Marshall CC in New York City)

This opportunity may not be suitable for Chess clubs with fully mature
developed basis in areas where the economics are currently prohibitive...
(depressed areas
prefered) but it may be suitable for others as I have seen already many
goodly offers
(for under 35k) and am overburdened with running/tracking them all down (by
the time I track
one I lose another)so if you could be of assistance do so.

This offer is for working proposals from F.I.D.E. affiliated (official)
organizations, whose members are fully members of FIDE affilated
organizations (many USCF State
Federations do not qualify).

Crooks, thugs, swindlers, hustlers, sharks, double dealers, shysters,
reactionaries, "flag wavers", con artists, phillistines, cry babies,
pessemists, or the
disfunctionally immature etc (what does he mean) need not apply as they are
NOT welcome.

Any and all errors contained herein, the related documents are subject to
change and correction without notice.

Supplementary, reciprocal or complimentary offers, proposals, and
endorsements and silent
co-sponsers may be considered and entertaineds and welcome.

The deadline for submitions are tentatively schedlued for midnight May 1st,

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