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Harold Buck

Mar 10, 2003, 10:01:15 PM3/10/03
In article <>, (PJDBAD) wrote:

> >From: "><>Wrote
> This has nothing to do with chess computers.
> >Please stop posting off-topic material to
> Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. Just what topics are acceptable and worthy
> of being posted on Do you have any standing other
> than being anoyed by cross posting which is generally a bad thing.

Well, I think it should be obvious: if it has to do with both CHESS and
COMPUTERS, go ahead and post it to r.g.c.c If it only has to do with ONE
of these two, then don't post it. And I think the subject of "These
Grandmaster Draws" is a pretty good indication that it has to do with
OTB chess and not computer chess.

BTW, there is NOTHING in the world wrong with cross-posting. However,
off-topic posts ARE bad; they make the readers of a newsgroup waste time
to find the articles that have to do with the topic they care about. Of
course, many people who cross-post do so with messages that are
off-topic for some of the groups they're posting to.

I don't blame the r.g.c.c people for getting annoyed; if they want to
read about chess politics, or whatever, they'll subscribe to those
groups as well. And if they don't care about those topics, horning in on
their group to post about *your* non-chess-computer concerns isn't going
to make them any more interested.

[I find it rather odd that the first post to induce me to cross-post in
my entire life is one about the evils of cross-posting, but it still
makes sense to me to cross-post this. If it stops 10% of the off-topic
posts in each of our groups, it will be more than worth it.]

--Harold Buck

"I used to rock and roll all night,
and party every day.
Then it was every other day. . . ."
-Homer J. Simpson

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