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Michael Jonas

Nov 23, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/23/99
There was a message posted earlier that referred to a Chess Genius 6.5
engine (or version).

I have 6.0, and have installed the first service there an
upgrade or patch, and if so, I would appreciate someone letting me know
where it can be found.

Thank you,

Michael Jonas

Nov 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/24/99
There is indeed a new 6.5 engine, stronger than
the 6.0 version. Unfortunately Genius 6.5 is only
available as a paid-for upgrade, because it is
now bundled with Shredder 4.0.
See the HCC www site..

Michael Jonas <> wrote:

>Thank you,

>Michael Jonas


SHREDDER 4.0 (engine & full program), in one great 6 CD bundle!


by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen

The big highlight, as after winning the world championship in
Paderborn SHREDDER is now the new Computer World Champion of
all classes. Nearly unbelievable is the fact that SHREDDER won
the world championship on a standard Pentium II computer
against some extremely expensive super computers (with up to
256 processors) from all over the world, and still remained the
only unbeaten program! Two other results confirm that SHREDDER
must clearly be considered as world’s strongest chess program
(estimated over 2700 FIDE Elo on a fast Pentium PC!): In March
1999 SHREDDER clearly won the (unofficial) German championship
for chess programs in Aufsess. In June 1999 SHREDDER won the
9th Computer Chess World Championship in Paderborn in
sensational style: Neither the big mainframes, playing on
parallel computer systems with up to 512 (!) Pentium
processors, nor one of the other strong competitors (like
Fritz, Junior or Ferret) playing on very costly parallel
computers were able to achieve victory. Although being the only
program of the top group playing on a standard off-the-shelf
Pentium III PC (with 550 Mhz), SHREDDER was the one and only
participant (out of 30) to remain undefeated. In July 1999
SHREDDER drew against Anatoly Karpov in Dortmund under
tournament conditions - despite a heavy positional fight of 81
moves the world champion was not able to beat the computer
world champion. In a TV press conference Karpov expressed
himself: SHREDDER is a very strong program which really
deserves the world champion crown.

SHREDDER 4 includes (among many others) the
following features:

* commenting function with human voice
* huge opening tree indicating opening lines and statistics
* opening books resp. trees can be edited very comfortably
* several beautiful 2D and 3D chess boards and piece sets
* second chess board displaying calculated main line
* many different learning resp. book-learning functions
* coach functions for weaker players
* supports endgame databases by Ken Thompson
* supports Nalimov Tablebases for perfect endgame play
* huge variety of parameters and levels user-selectable
* older versions SHREDDER 1, 2, 3 and MCS engine included


By Richard Lang and Adrian Millett

New ChessGenius 6.5 Features
· Includes new SHREDDER 4.0 chess engine - winner of the world
championship in Paderborn! This and other results give SHREDDER an
estimated over 2700 FIDE ELO - all on a normal Pentium PC! Running on
a standard off-the-shelf 550 Mhz single Pentium PC it beat all
others - not only other commercial competitors like FRITZ,
JUNIOR and FERRET, but also huge mainframe systems with
up to 512 Pentium processors!

· New improved ChessGenius 6.5 engine - stronger than previous
versions of Genius. ChessGenius was the first program to
beat Kasparov at "serious" playing levels..

· Can support multiple engines analysing one position, or analyse
several games all at once! Set up tournaments between engines.

· Browse main analysis - simply select a move to pull up a second
chess board for that position.

· Intuitive Windows GUI throughout. Cut and Paste games to Windows
Clipboard, Export & view games (with diagrams) in Word/Wordpad/etc.

· Auto-commenting module - can announce moves, and analyse and comment
upon play quality.

· Supports & includes Ken Thompson 3/4/5 piece endgame CD's for
"perfect" endgame play! Lists all available moves in order of
strength. Database can be installed on Hard Disk, or ran off
original CDROM.

· Improved auto-analysis features - can analyze databases on a variety
of conditions, including marked moves - ideal for mail players. Can
add final analysis back into database as comment with score, or

Main Features

Screen display: Information displayed in standard flexible windows:
separate windows for chess board, clock, game moves, search
information, opening book. Displays ECO opening key & name for
current game. Windows can be arranged as you like. Superb
graphics - with many boards and chess sets in 2D or 3D.
"Virtual reality" 3D board can be re-sized, rotated or tilted
at will. Many piece sets and chess boards for display.
Screen colours can be changed. Supported languages:
English, German, French.

Engine: Select from a range of different Chess Engine - From
Genius 3 up to Genius 6.5, or the new Shredder 4.0 engine.
Unlimited number of levels, separate levels for both
players possible. Automatic analysis, analysis of games,
databases, EPD files. Parameters such as selective depth
of search, value of pieces, Pawn structures, playing style etc can
be tweaked for each engine (exact parameters vary engine-to-engine).
If you dont like a move, you can ask the engine for the next
best move.
Each engine has its own window, displaying comprehensive information
about each new "best move" it finds - the score in pawns, then main
line, depth of search, node count. Displays this line-by-line in a
scrollable list-box window.

Database features: Seamlessly integrates CBF (ChessBase), PGN or EPD
database formats. Use Windows style list boxes to save, load, list,
edit and search for games. Search databases for game data, particular
positions or moves, or combinations of these. Converts and copies
databases with optional search filter. Add comments to games with text
comments and chess symbols. A high quality carefully compiled database
with over 500,000 games included on CD. Full support for game
variations, with intuitive variation editing. Automatic analysis of
games and databases, optionally adding the analysis as a comment or
variation to each move.

Opening/Midgame book: Powerful transposition (hash) based book, with
instant lookup. Book editor: add, delete, mark positions with
strength., import moves from old Genius books or CBF/PGN databases.
Automatic intelligent learning feature - when game lost/won, it will
analyze the game to help prevent the same mistake occurring. Unlimited

size of opening books. Initial size of supplied database is over 2
million positions. Ability to browse forward/backward through standard

list window.

Richard Lang's ChessGenius series of programs have a long history at
the top of the computer rating charts - since the early 1980's it has
been PC Chess World Champion not less than 10 times. Perhaps the
pinnacle of its career came in August 1994 when it shocked the Chess
World and became the first program ever to beat a World Champion
(Kasparov) at a non-blitz time level! Genius also knocked GM Nikolic
out of the same tournament, achieving an astounding 2795 ELO rating
for its performance in that tournament - all on a mere 100 Mhz Pentium

PC! This, and other impressive performances demonstrate Genius's
real strength - a sound & powerful playing style that can beat Human
(and not just other computer) competitors. The fundamental power
of Genius's basic playing algorithms are demonstrated by the fact that

it outperforms all others at "blitz" levels - ie, even on a shallow
search the algorithms play sound chess.
This is particularly important when you want to automatically analyse
games in databases, since you do not want to spend too long on each
move. For these reasons, Genius remains a "classic" favourite with
Masters and Correspondence chess players alike - with its own unique
and distinctive style of play. Other Chess programmers have long
looked to Genius as the "standard" program - indeed it was told that
even the Deep Blue team sparred with ChessGenius. The latest
enhancements & improvements to the Genius 6.5 engine are sure
to keep it competing at the highest levels for some time to come.


BLITZ98 Home Page (2 methods):

Chess Genius 6 WWW page

Nov 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/26/99
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