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Robert Hyatt

Oct 10, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/10/97

To all readers of

The Computer-Chess Club message board is a free service that has been
set up by a group of individuals who became concerned with the
persistent breaches of netiquette occurring on the newsgroup,, namely a very high level of off-topic posts
and a very high level of personal insults and abuse.

It was felt that a group where a full range of computer chess ideas
could be discussed, and, if necessary attacked, without also making
personal attacks on the deliverer of the ideas, would be productive.
This might well encourage various well-known figures who were no
longer posting in to return to the arena of
discussion without fear of insult or abuse.

The CCC is moderated, but not in the traditional sense, there will be no
black-list with regard to passwords, but 'abusive' posts will just be
removed. Persistent 'offenders' may find their passwords withdrawn.
Hopefully this will create an atmosphere in which ideas can be discussed
and attacked, without the bearer of the ideas being attacked as well.

Thus, the Computer-Chess Club is a moderated message board which
is open to the general public (known as "members"). Its purpose is
to allow the members to disseminate and exchange information as it
pertains to computer chess without the distractions of personal
attacks and off-topic posts.

If you would like to participate, please come to and sign up for a password which
will allow free access to the message board.

Bob Hyatt
Andreas Mader
Ed Schroeder
Bruce Moreland
Chris Whittington
Enrique Irazoqui
Dirk Frickenschmidt
Thorsten Czub
Moritz Berger
Peter Schreiner

Vincent Diepeveen

Oct 11, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/11/97

On 10 Oct 1997 12:40:36 GMT, hyatt@crafty (Robert Hyatt) wrote:

Just 1 question: Who is gonna moderate who?

Robert Hyatt

Oct 11, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/11/97

Vincent Diepeveen ( wrote:

: On 10 Oct 1997 12:40:36 GMT, hyatt@crafty (Robert Hyatt) wrote:

: Just 1 question: Who is gonna moderate who?

We have a group of 10 people that started the CCC. This group elected
a committee of 3 moderators with a chairman. the term of office ends
after the Paris event. Then we will do this again. So far, there have
been *no* deleted posts. Which is a good sign. It also means that
certain posters haven't visited yet, either, most likely...

: >To all readers of

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