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David Smith

Aug 18, 2021, 6:48:38 AM8/18/21
David Totten wanted my sperm in 1986 and took me across state lines to get it. He was involved in a murder plot and was subsequently run out of town. Formerly of Milltown, he now resides in Corydon. He's guilty of a sex crime. Carl Onstott was given a lethal injection at Madison mental hospital after raping Linda Dupont. People have been murdered for a lot less. I was told," millions of people died." In 2004 over Louisville a nuclear weapon detonated destroying Jewish where the military prepped sailors and university students alike. 2012 was the year 500 sailors were found along a 100-mile stretch of interstate highway west of here. We came close to world War 3. A sub in thr Atlantic nearly rubbed out Louisville. In a related story, professional killers ended the life of Jewish kidney specialist Krishan arora educated at king's College in London, England. My MRI was in 1997, his assassination in 1998.
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