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Squeeze possibilities in 6NT

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Septimus Stevens

Nov 20, 2022, 3:18:35 PM11/20/22
This hand came up yesterday in actual play.

North: Kxx , K , Kxxxx , QJxx
South: Axx , AQJxx , AQx , Ax

With 60 part-score South opens 1NT; North forgets part-score and bids 3NT; South bids 6NT!

Suppose JD is led. Assume you duck QC around to West's KC early in play. Six is cold if Hearts are 4-3 or Diamonds 3-2 so assume both suits break badly.

There are several squeeze possibilities:
(a) Can make if West guards diamonds and hearts
(b) Can make if West guards diamonds and has 4+ clubs
(c) Can make if West guards diamonds and has 5+ spades
(d) Double squeeze operates in spades if West guards diamonds and East hearts
(e) Other squeezes I've overlooked?

How do you maximize your chances?

-- Seppy

Adam Wildavsky

Jan 28, 2023, 5:36:49 PM1/28/23
Cute auction to reach the 33 HCP 6N!

You could almost equally well start with a low club toward dummy. No harm in the finesse, though, and it preserves the chance of an overtrick.

We can combine chances (a) and (d), so make unless the lead was a singleton and hearts don't break. Win the dA in hand, play a H to the K, and take the club hook. The most troublesome return is a spade. Win in hand, cash the cA, cash the HA pitching a diamond, and lead the HQ.

If LHO follows then he can be squeezed in the reds if necessary, so pitch a black loser from dummy. Cash dummy's black winners pitching a spade from hand. LHO will be squeezed on the cJ if he holds a fifth heart,

If LHO shows out then pitch a club, lead to the dK, cash the cJ throwing a spade, and lead to the dQ. RHO is squeezed out of his spade guard on this trick, and LHO is squeezed when you cash the HJ.

Adam Wildavsky <>
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