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The Spanish Inquisition

Dec 30, 1993, 8:08:25 PM12/30/93

Due to the fact that no serious replies to my Internationl vs
Collectors MTG were forthcoming, I sent mail to the president
of Wizards of the Coast. The following email is his answer.

**************** Included Email *****************************************

[feel free to post this directly to]

> I'm sorry to bother you, but posts on this subject to
> have only generated bad jokes.

Cool, I'd like to hear some of 'em. I can laugh at our own products.
I do more than I should, actually. :-) (Have any of you heard about
the proposed Running with Scissors expansion? Or the Do-whaa-pee-do
decks? Hmmm, I better shut up...)

> Also,
> email to snark has not been answered yet.

He's on vacation. Walla Walla. Yes, really, Walla Walla. It's a
real place, and he's really from there.

> What is the differance between Magic: Collectors Edition
> and Magic: International Collectors Edition?

The word "International." That's it.

> Is there any differance in the print run? (What is the
> print run on these, anyway? :-)


> As near as we can figure out, the only differance is in
> the wording in gold lettering on the backs of the cards.

You got it.

Okay, here's the reason. Originally we were only going to do 10,000
factory sets, and we announced it that way. But then sales started
coming in for WAY more than that. And then it started to take off in
Europe. So, we decided to print another 5,000 for distribution
primarily overseas, and call those the International Editions.
Originally we intended to sell the Collectors Edition ones only in the
US and Canada, and the International Editions only overseas.

But then the printer shorted us nearly 10% of the print run, i.e.,
nearly 1,000 less than what we ordered, on the Collectors Edition
cards. And, as I said, we had orders for way more than 10,000 to
begin with so the distributors (and consequently the retailers, and
consequently y'all) were already pissed off (or would have been) at
being pro-rated. Rather than pro-rate them again, we substituted in
some of the International Editions.

I don't know if that was exactly the best thing to do, but, well, it
seemed so at the time and so far no one has complained.

There ya have it!

Peter D. Adkison
Janitor, Wizards of the Coast

Eu-Ming Lee

Dec 30, 1993, 10:03:38 PM12/30/93
to (The Spanish Inquisition) writes:

>> Also,
>> email to snark has not been answered yet.

>He's on vacation. Walla Walla. Yes, really, Walla Walla. It's a
>real place, and he's really from there.

Obviously, he's got the Island Sanctuary on the Isle of Walla Walla
Eu-Ming Lee
"i showed this girl my stitches
"she said she had some too
"she said she thinks she'll start a rock band too." - Throwing Muses

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