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[ANN] Backgammon Play-O-Matic

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Paul Ferguson

Feb 26, 1997, 3:00:00 AM2/26/97

I am posting this for John Baro (

"Backgammon Play-O-Matic is a Mac program that can be used to
replay games that have been saved as a "move list file" by a
FIBS program. If you're a serious computer-backgammon-playing
type, you already know about FIBS; if not, this program is
probably not for you. All you have to do is open a move list
file and watch as a piece of backgammon history unfolds before
your very eyes. What could be simpler?

I would also like to mention that I consider this a beta
version. I'd like to hear comments, suggestions, and bug
reports. I don't think there are any bugs left, but it hasn't
been tested that extensively yet. The only problems it may
still have are with files it has trouble interpreting. If you
run across a moves file it chokes on, please let me know."


This program is pretty neat! (and I don't generally replay matches,
which explains why I haven't added this feature to MacFIBS...)

I have agreed to sponsor this program on the MacFIBS web site:


Go to the Software page to check it out.


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