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Michael Baumgartner

Sep 6, 2000, 4:03:35 PM9/6/00

Hi Michael,

you'll find a description of the game here:
Unfortunately, it's only in German. There has been a request for a
translation of that particular text in this NG a couple of days ago.
Right now I'm too busy to do it, but if nobody else volunteers until
October, I'll try. I guess, though, it'll need some proofreading,
since I'm not a native speaker of English.


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Ric Gerace

Sep 6, 2000, 4:35:51 PM9/6/00
Some people will tri anything.

Looks like either a muppet dental exam or a comb holder for people with
really bad hair.

I have no clue about the game, if it really is one, but I'll bet it would go
over big in mental asylums. Well, at least the one I escaped from.


"michael.a.crane" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> Anyone know how to play on this board (see attachment)? I think it is
> 'TriGammon' but I'm not 100% sure.
> I'm completely stumped as there are no dice, no checkers and no
> instructions. I can't think why Jeff Ellis bought it in the first place
> ;-))
> Michael

nikos albano

Sep 6, 2000, 2:34:35 PM9/6/00
Of course! This game was initially played by extraterrestrials, called
Zirkon Trihands.... They were telepathetic, so they didn't need dice
or checkers --but all this in the beginning. Because Zirkon Trihands
are also well known liars, so they were never saying the truth, about
the roll they had just rolled into their minds. So after some clashes,
trigammon was banned in Zirkon, and habitants switched to
boxing, which you can't imagine how spectacular is when 6 hands are

nikalban in netgammon / gammonline

Richard Rognlie

Sep 6, 2000, 5:27:48 PM9/6/00
Michael Baumgartner wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> you'll find a description of the game here:
> Unfortunately, it's only in German. There has been a request for a
> translation of that particular text in this NG a couple of days ago.
> Right now I'm too busy to do it, but if nobody else volunteers until
> October, I'll try. I guess, though, it'll need some proofreading,
> since I'm not a native speaker of English.

This sounds like a job for...


It's not perfect, but passable...;$sessionid$QVUG51AAANIG3UPXYKHSFEQ

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Sep 7, 2000, 3:32:35 AM9/7/00

nikos albano <> wrote in message

......... Not to mention their sex lives ;-)))



Sep 7, 2000, 3:33:27 AM9/7/00
Thank you, Michael


Michael Baumgartner <> wrote in message


Sep 7, 2000, 3:35:49 AM9/7/00
Ric, you only THINK you escaped from the mental home. Haven't you seen The
Truman Show?


Ric Gerace <> wrote in message

Sep 7, 2000, 3:36:44 AM9/7/00
Trigammon is not totally unknown,
though I am convinced it will stay a rare oddity.
The two photos was taken at the Spring Vegas tournament in 98,
where 3 people where relaxing between tournament matches with
a game of trigammon.
The bottom picture shows a Triple bearoff position.


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Gregg Cattanach

Sep 7, 2000, 8:01:41 AM9/7/00
What we call 'Tri-gammon' is a simple game that uses a regular backgammon
board and all the regular backgammon rules, but you get to throw 3 dice each

1) To start throw one die each, then the winner gets to throw a third one to
compose his first roll.

2) Doubles do NOT count any extra (as it is ~42% to throw a pair with 3
dice), but triples you get to move 6 of the number thrown.

3) Here are the rules about when you can't move one of the dice:
If all of the roll cannot be used, you must maximize the number of dice
used, not necessarily the pips used. If there is a choice of which 2 of the
3 dice can be moved, then you must use the largest 2 dice. If only a single
die can be used, then the largest one must be used.

It's really quite fun, primes form quickly, and it is VERY easy to hit fly

Try it out when you are really bored!

Gregg Cattanach
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"nikos albano" <> wrote in message

Mark Driver

Sep 7, 2000, 9:45:18 AM9/7/00
Here's what Babelfish produced, it gives you some idea of what its all about:


a version of the almost 5000 years old Backgammon for 3 is player. The author team Inken
Holstein and Michael Bolte, from H +
H (Hamburg and Hanover) developed this version. Wolf course JokerSpiele found favours to it
and produced
TRICHLOROETHYLENE gammon - and here as world premiere presents.

Everyone knows Backgammon, and that should be a prerequisite. Who loves this strategic cube
play, which it will have always
disturbed that it is to be played only too secondly. Now with TRICHLOROETHYLENE gammon a
functioning version for three
Zocker is presented.

The play plan is 6-eckig, it gives naturally three colours and ever thirteen Spielsteine
per player. As in the original everyone
plays over 4 playing fields (= 24 tongues). It is new that everyone pulls in both
directions around the Speilfeld. Uff - like that?

Each player has " a house " to the in and for suspending, faces each other. During the
basic list everyone has 3 stones in the
center of the field between tongue 3 and 4 in its adjusting house - actually between, and
thus on both tongues. The other 10
Spielsteine is mirror-image set up, once in the next in each case two fields to 2 and then
3. Regarded of the adjusting house the
suspension house is exactly further - four fields opposite. Everyone brings its Spielsteine
as fast as possible in the suspension
house, in order to play these from there out - as in the original.

The original rules apply unchanged, both which pulling, blocking tongues, suspending and -
naturally using concerns. The
main difference is that everyone runs in two directions - and everyone thereby inevitably
an opponent and a pursuer has. And
that again leads to extremely interesting game situations, which require much play joke and
tactical feeling.

Everything clearly? Now, - up to the stones between the tongues in the adjusting house.
These " do not know yet, in which
direction they want to pull ". As long as they are there, they may into both. If they pull
once loosely, then the direction is
determined. As long as they too third or secondly there are, they block both tongues; alone
a stone for it is however doubly
vulnerable - both on the three, as well as the four.

When inserting this orientation takes place automatically: with the throw of a 1 - becomes
3 in the tongues 1 - 3 assigned - must
be run and thus afterwards to the left, with 4 - 6 accordingly to the right.

There are already several versions for Backgammon too third, to Inken and Michael is it
succeeded a version to be created for
the first time, those functions, and which is correctly hot. Naturally a TRIgammon portion
lasts longer, than the original. Three
players - it becomes also substantially more geschmissen, which animates the play clearly -
do not only play in addition,
extended. And the time flies nevertheless as in the flight, and a revenge is announced.

Not discussed is here the original Backgammonversion, which is accommodated inside the
Holzkasette - as initially said: the
Backgammonkenntnisse is presupposed.

TRIgammon is introduced for the first time here: a world premiere ! Immediately with wolf
course JokerSpiele available - and with
all play specialist shops, which lead good playplay plays.

Ric Gerace

Sep 7, 2000, 8:43:26 AM9/7/00
Oh, damn! My hallucinations keep giving me drugs. But I'll get out one day,
I will, I know I will, I know I will, I know I will. And then that stupid
lion and dumb scarecrow and that creaky tin guy and I will kick the stuffing
out of that Dorothy dame and her yappy dog who brought us here. Tri this,


"michael.a.crane" <> wrote in message



Sep 7, 2000, 9:11:58 AM9/7/00
snip>> > This sounds like a job for...
> >
> > Babelfish!
> >
> >
> >
> > It's not perfect, but passable...<<<snip

Impassable if you ask me! I'd have beter luck trying to understand the
German ;-)


Mark Driver <> wrote in message


Sep 10, 2000, 4:21:36 PM9/10/00
Isn't plain old boring, addictive, fierce, exciting (too many conflicting
adjectives?) difficult enough? I'm sure Spock and Kirk would have loved it
..... ok, maybe Picard and Data, but I'll stick to what I know ... a little

A teeny weeny fast fading "freckle" on the grid,

michael.a.crane wrote in message ...

Ric Gerace

Sep 10, 2000, 7:23:36 PM9/10/00
Ah, the voice of sanity, reason, and tradition. Blessings on you! (BTW, Kirk
gave up the game after Uhura clobbered him at an R&R station way out there.
No patience.)


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