Chouette ethics?

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Øystein Johansen

Jul 26, 2001, 5:57:25 AM7/26/01
Some days ago I was playing a friendly chouette. This was a four handed

In one of the last games the following happens:

I'm sitting as the captain. The box doubles early and we all have a trivial
take. After some turns, the positions turns our way, and me and my crew
members becomes favorites in the game. Me and one of the crew members turn
the cube to 4, while the third team member waits. The box takes both cubes.
I roll another roll and make my move, the captain rolls and makes his move.
I wait for a while - to check if my last team member wants to double. I can
see he is thinking, I turn my head to him, and in my body language I asks:
'Do you want to double?'. The last team member shakes his head indicating he
will not double - so I roll.

Now the we discussion starts! The box claim that I'm giving advise to my
fellow crew member by asking him if he wants to double. He said that this
was a very unethical behavior, since the crew members cube decisions where
none of my business. This becomes some argument, and I couldn't make him
understand that it would be much worse if I just rolled and thereby not even
giving him the opportunity to double.

My question is therefore: Did I do something unethical by asking my fellow
crew member if he wanted to double? What should I have done instead?



Gregg Cattanach

Jul 26, 2001, 7:38:38 AM7/26/01
I don't think you did anything incorrect. The fact that everyone redoubled
the previous shake makes it pretty clear that the 'option' is on the table
for the remaining player the next shake. The box was being excessively
picky in my mind. However, if the captain constantly solicits the others to
see if they want to double when he hasn't is fishing for information. With
you not having cube access, no problem, IMO.


"Øystein Johansen" <> wrote in message


Jul 26, 2001, 9:11:50 AM7/26/01
well to get out of this - just ask next time if you can roll dice !! nobody
can complain about this question !


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Jul 26, 2001, 5:21:50 PM7/26/01
can we play chouette online somewhere ?

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David C. Ullrich

Jul 27, 2001, 10:17:42 AM7/27/01
On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 21:21:50 GMT, "Tomawaky" <>

>can we play chouette online somewhere ?

I don't know whether you can, but it's not something
I'd want to do, at least not for money.

One problem with playing a chouette with people
you don't trust very well is that people can cheat
just by collusion (A and B agree that any time they're
captain and C is partner they will try to lose in
a non-obvious way. After the game they split the
money they've extracted from C.) Same problem
comes up in poker. It seems like this would be
much easier to do and harder to detect in an
online chouette (for example the two players
cheating could be the same person...)

David C. Ullrich

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