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dub and non-dup

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K W Chan

Nov 19, 1991, 12:34:42 PM11/19/91
Does anyone know what is duplication and non-duplication?
Thanks in advance.


Simon Woodhead - Technical Consultant

Nov 19, 1991, 7:37:57 PM11/19/91

Better known as Duplication and Diversification.

Where you have a choice of moves of roughly equal merit,
look at the moves that duplicate your opponents good numbers
on his next roll. Suppose he needs a 2 to cover a blot in
his home board, and you have to leave a shot. If possible,
leave the shot that requires a 2 to hit, so that he can't
hit *and* cover.

Likewise, diversification is the opposite - try and diversify
your own moves for your next roll. If you need a 6 to
escape, and a 6 to cover a blot, try and move such that
the sixes *aren't* duplicated.

Diversification of your own moves is generally good
Diversification of your opponents moves is generally bad
Duplication of your own moves is generally bad
Duplication of your opponents moves is generally good

Warning: don't get carried away with this! There is
a danger of looking for duplication behind every tree,
and missing better strategic or tactical plays...


Simon si...@Aus.Sun.COM

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