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Characters we all know and love/hate ;)

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Alan Webb

Feb 2, 1999, 3:00:00 AM2/2/99
I thought it was about time for a little bit of light relief on this

Here are some of my observations regarding after game comments. I find
excuses and after game comments quite amusing at times.. here's a collection
of some which most of you will probably recognise :)

Adding your own observations is encouraged and welcome :)


**** *****************

IfOnly "If only I had run with my rear checker...."

IfOnly2 "If only I'd rolled a six..."

IfOnly3 "If only YOU hadn't rolled a six..."

Back2Bed "Its not my day today.. Im going back to


Luke2 "I am sooo UNLUCKY!"

Hmmmmmm "Hmmmm, something very unrandom about these
rolls.. "

Hmmmmm2 "Hmmmm, I'm going to analyse double
distribution on this server..."

Hmmmmm3 "Hmmmm, You know that sysop very well don't

EasyGoing "Oh well thats backgammon, maybe next time"
(very rare :))

A_Busive "You F'ing -beep- -beep- and I hope -beep-
s*** -beep-.. " (Normally a vain effort to make YOU abandon as they are

NextTime "I'll get you next time. Just you wait..
you've seen nothing yet....."

ImGruff "" (doesnt say a word and just logs off..
very common) :)

Now for the Winners


**** *****************

2Good2BTrue "EXCELLENT GAME XXXXX I got very lucky
there.." (Almost as rare as EasyGoing above ;) )

Smart_Arse "GG. By the way.. you lost due to that 4-3
earlier which in fact has a negative equity of -0.433234. Preferable was.."

DoubleKing "What on EARTH possessed you to take that

Nexxxxtt "GG. Bye" (To be translated as "Boy that was
an awful game, bring on the next puhleaseee!")

Im_Da_Man "Welll, it could have been worse. I decided to
spare you a gammon loss at the end there.."

Im_Da_Man2 "Normally you see, I don't entertain people of
your rating. 1800+ money only games is more my scene.. actually"

Im_Da_Man3 "Well its been fun, but I need to find some
competition now. Keep at it, byeeeeee"

GoneFishing "VGG! You're really much better than your
rating suggests! Fancy a 21 pointer? ;)

Gonefishing2 "Wow! How I won that I'll never know! I've got
all night, how about you?" ;)

Shucks " Ahhh geeee, I really shouldn't have won that
ya know. Those doubles and all......." (very, very irritating :))

A_Pologetic "Im reallly, realllyyy sorry. The dice were
good to me thats all. Please dont get upset.. You're not upset are you?"

Any names I've missed folks? :)

Well I hope the above brought a smile between the "50%+3 -5 -0.43333 equity"
postings ;)

Kind regards

Alan Webb
(AlanWebb on GG)


I forgot one actually.. this only happened last week and I promise is true.

Apparently I'm -and I quote word for word-

"A really nasty piece of work and extremely rude!!"

This was the reaction of a player, when I passed over a well timed cube on a
RATED 5 point match :) I should note that I hadn't said a word before.

I tried to explain that doubling is part of the game but she wouldnt have it

Anyone else got any amusing stories?

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