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Marek Ćwiklicki

Jan 30, 2001, 8:00:42 AM1/30/01

I am curious about one thing, that for you can be obviously clear.
I found out that some of enterprises and in some tournament awards offer
something called 'precision dice'. And here comes my question: what kind of
cubes is that? What's a difference does it makes?
I would like to mention that my native language is not English, so for me it
is a lil strange.

Keep rolling,

Patti Beadles

Jan 30, 2001, 11:09:13 AM1/30/01
Precision dice are dice that are very carefully cut, so that the size
is much more exact than regular dice. Also, the pips (dots) are flat,
not scooped out like normal dice; this means that no side is lighter
or heavier than another. They also have rounded edges and corners so
that they roll better, and you can see through them, which precludes
loading or weighting them.

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