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Rules for Acey-duecy?

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Apr 23, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/23/95
I didn't know where else to post this, so I'll ask it here. Does anyone
know where I can get the rules to Acey-duecy? I know how to play, but it's
nice to have the rules. Thanks.


James Eibisch

Apr 24, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/24/95
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From the FAQ (posted here on the 13th of the month):



In this game all the men start off the board. They enter and move
around the board in the same way as men sent home in regular
backgammon. In other words, the white men enter in black's home board
and move around through black's outer board and white's outer board
until all are gathered in white's home board; then white can start to
bear them off. Black enters his men in the white home board and moves
around in the same manner.

Rules are the same as for backgammon, except that you can move any man
you want to at any time, whether or not you have men to bring in. In
addition, the roll of 1-2 -- acey-deucy -- is an especially valuable
roll. You begin by playing your ace-deuce. Then you play any number
four times (in other words, you pick any double you wish). Then you
get an extra roll. and if this extra roll is also 1-2 you get the same
extras with it.

Early game strategy in acey-deucy is to try to establish advanced
points as quickly as you can, and if possible also establish adjacent
points as base for a prime. If both sides develop primes right smack
up against one another, the advantage lies with the prime that is
farther advanced. Even if the man with the farther-advanced prime has
to break his first, he will probably win the game; if he can hold his
prime longer, he almost surely will win.
Credit: The Backgammon Book, Oswald Jacoby/John Crawford

My own comments: Acey-deucy is a fun game, with a much greater element
of luck or chance than regular backgammon. 1-2 rolls are deadly. You
are never out-of-it right to the end. The pace is fast and furious (at
least compared to regular backgammon -- which, incidentally, I still
prefer, but Acey-deucy makes a nice change of pace once in a while).
One key point of strategy -- block your opponent from a play of 1 or 2
if you can. This opportunity only occasionally presents itself, but
watch for it. If you can't play your lowly 1-2, you lose the bonus
double and extra roll.

Acey-Deucy typed/submitted by Peter Nickless


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Apr 24, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/24/95
yeah! Me too, used to play but don't remember exactly how. Not enough
brain cells survived college!

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