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Dec 5, 1998, 3:00:00 AM12/5/98
How comfortable is it to use the backgammon server in MSN gaming zone.
I have played on Net gammon, FIBS and Yahoo, so I am not a beginner.

plus or negative comments are appreciated, such as lag, getting cut off,
ease in communication and so on.
PLEASE respond directly to:
thanks, Howard

Gregg Cattanach

Dec 6, 1998, 3:00:00 AM12/6/98
I initially spent TONS of time playing at MSN (but only play there now to
compete in 'Burbs' Ladder). Most people will tell you the general skill
level of the players is not too high, and that is probably correct. But
there are lots of talented players, as well. Lots of tournaments are held
around the clock of various formats, (1pt, 5pt progressive, 3pt, etc), and
that is probably the most fun part of the Zone. Its a pretty good format
to socialize as well as play. The Chat, ZoneMessage systems work quite
well. The graphics are pleasant and easy to run, but the play is rather
slow, the program has a certain amount of delay after each roll, move. No
special options are available like beavers, jacoby; crawford is always in
effect, and unfortunately there is no auto-roll function. As far as boots,
not a problem, unless your ISP is bad; the lag can be a problem, but only
intermittently. It is free, which is not a bad idea. The other fun part
of the Zone is if you get sick of gammon (is it possible??), you can
quickly go play some spades, cribbage, hearts, bridge, chess, checkers,
othello, or go, all for free.

For the best players, I feel GamesGrid is the way to go, but you must pay
$$$$. (It CLEARLY has the most sophisticated and well thought out
interface.) FIBS has very good players too, but all the graphic
interfaces available, (IMHO), leave quite a bit to be desired. (I'm sure
others will soon disagree with this concerning their favorite FIBS program

Anyway, try the Zone out, and check out the various tournaments, it can be
fun :)

Gregg Cattanach

Zox at GamesGrid, VOG, FIBS

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