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Webby's New Year Resolutions

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Jan 3, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/3/00
A few of my New Year Resolutions ;-)

1. To cut down on Backgammon related shananigans from 24 hours per day to 20.
2. Only to dance in a nightclub.
3. Never to roll 5-2 again (unless it hits or makes a point).
4. To remain in the POGL Div 1 division for at least 1 session.
5. Never to read "Jellyfish/XYZ server/Snowie cheats" posts again.
6. To pursuade my wife that $350 for a backgammon software is a bargain.
7. Never to get drunk during my Wednesday night Chouette again.
8. Not to curse the house out when my opponent throws the good ole 6-1 prime
jumping, blot hitting, match winning joker.
9. To attract some crap players to my weekly chouette ;-)
10. To learn every page of Magriels "Backgammon" off by heart.

Happy Millenium

Alan webb

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