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Jun 19, 2001, 7:14:00 AM6/19/01
Does anyone know where I can find the rules to Jacquet on the Internet (in

M Man


Jun 19, 2001, 12:29:18 PM6/19/01
Since "jacquet" is one of the French words which mean "backgammon" and you
want the rules in English, just look for the rules of backgammon.
Hope this helps, Leslie

"MMan37x" <> wrote in message

Mark Driver

Jun 19, 2001, 2:02:51 PM6/19/01
I am not aware of an Internet site containing the rules, but here's an
overview of the game rules. Note, that like backgammon there are a number of
rule variations extant:

Essentially the game is a race game of parallel movement (as opposed to the
contrary movement of backgammon).

Each player starts with 15 pieces on their respective ace-points, which are
diagonally opposite from each other. Hence White will start from bottom
left-hand corner point and final point of bear off will be Top right hand

Checker movement is governed by cast of two dice, and doublets are played
twice. A distinctive feature of Jacquet is that a player must have moved one
checker (known as the Postillon) into their fourth respective board quadrant
before the other checkers can start to move. Special rules for stacking
checkers on the board points are that neither player may have more than two
points of their entry table doubled simultaneously, and the player's
respecitive 12 point may not have more than two checkers stacked on it at
any one time.

At the bear-off stage a 'gammon' and 'backgammon' victory scores double
points and treble score is awarded if the winner did not construct a prime
during the game.

Other Jacquet rule variants include special treatment for doubles (similar
to Acey Ducey), for example a 6-6 enables six pips to be moved six times,
and 5-5 enables five pips to move five times and so on.

If you want to practice Jacquet, the Saitek Electronic Championship
Backgammon board is able to play Jacquet (in addition to regular backgammon
and Moultezim).

MMan37x wrote in message

Mark Driver

Jun 22, 2001, 12:03:56 AM6/22/01
Sorry, I just realised an error in the instructions, each players checkers
move through 24 pips to the final point of bear off so the section on bear
off should read, "final point of bear off will be top left-hand corner and

'final point of bear off will be Top right hand

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