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The Square Thing With the Numbers On It

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David B. Sandler

Jun 29, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/29/96
First, thanks for the overwhelming response to my 'toggle bell' problem.

Since I've recently begun playing on FIBS, I've noticed that, in most
of my matches, a large square with a '2' on it appears on the screen out
of nowhere, always interrupting my opponent's next roll ( I'm sure this is
annoying to them) and usually when I'm not doing very well, like when I
have 5 or more blots scattered about the board.(It's almost as if FIBS can
sense my predicament). Since one of my earliest, helpful opponents told me
that I can't even finish the game unless I type 'accept',I always do, in
order to see whether my game gets better. Usually it doesn't, and my
matches don't seem to take very long(contrary to the many FIBS players who
complain on r.g.b. about FIBS matches taking forever). This has left me
feeling a bit helpless!

In my last match, however, my opponent let on (I think accidentally)
that, once I 'accept' the FIBS square, I can 'get back' at FIBS by
changing the '2' to '4', the '8' to '16', etc. This helped me feel less
passive and vulnerable - a feeling of power, if you will.

Here's the problem. At game's end, it was bad enuf that I was
gammoned when the square said'256' ( although I did manage to barely
escape my 6th checker from my opponent's inner board, thus saving the
backgammon). What really got under my skin, however, was when my opponent
told me that, at $5 for each # on the square, I needed to mail him a check
for $2560 (remember the gammon!) and 'kibitzed' his P.O.Box to me.(My
computer bell STILL doesn't ring when my opponent kibitzes). When I told
him I didn't recall such a bet, he assured me it was standard FIBS
etiquette, and that players usually ignore match balances under $100, but
he couldn't because of his sick mother, etc.

After mailing the check, I began wondering about this. Had I known
about this unwritten rule, I probably wouldn't have > Data Missing
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> the cache. If you wish you can repost the form data to recreate the
> document by pressing the reload button.
engaged in my
attempted one-upsmanship of FIBS on this 'square issue'. However, having
done so, I ask you more seasoned FIBS players: 1) how long before I can
expect to recoup my losses, based on your own experience, and 2) anyone
interested in match play at a discount until I learn to play better, say @
$3 per square number?

Thanks in advance for any help. I'm trying to learn to love the game,
despite my initial setbacks.


(bar_ky on Fibs)

David B. Sandler

Jun 29, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/29/96

about this unwritten rule, I probably wouldn't have engaged in my

Jarrod Ohlsson

Jul 4, 1996, 3:00:00 AM7/4/96

LOL! You were just unlucky. Play some more. And if you have another
thousand bucks, for one week only I'll give you a special price on the
Golden Gate Bridge. You can have it for only $999!

Great story! See folks out there? There are people who play BG purely
for fun!

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