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Kit Woolsey

Aug 6, 1997, 3:00:00 AM8/6/97

A brief history of FIBS for those of you who have joined recently:

Fibs has now been running for about 5 years. At first it was housed in
Germany, then in Sweden. Last summer marvin (the person who wrote FIBS)
was unable to keep it on the computer in Sweden, and needed a place to
move FIBS.

Sally and I agreed to finance FIBS, and Patti agreed to be the sysop, and
FIBS was moved to the San Francisco area. At first it was at Best, but
when they suddenly upped the monthly colocation charge from $500 to $750
we quickly moved to Concentric, where FIBS is currently located. The
colocation charge there is $500 per month.

Several people mentioned that they would be willing to help support FIBS,
so we posted in r.g.b. for these people to e-mail us if they are
interested. The response was considerably better than we had ever
expected. In the first year there was about $4700 in support, which cut
our expenses down considerably. We wish to thank all those who have helped.

We want to emphasize that such support is entirely voluntary. There is
no pressure on anybody. You won't get better dice (so they tell us), or
any other special considerations. It is our intention to maintain FIBS
as a free backgammon server for the internet.

For those of you who are interested in helping, please e-mail Kit at:

One more thing: Please no followup postings to this. Our pleasure comes
from maintaining FIBS, which has given us many hours of enjoyment and the
opportunity to meet some truly wonderful people.

Kit & Sally

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