Which back gammon servers are the safest.

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Ria Investments

Jul 31, 2001, 8:04:02 AM7/31/01
After trying out most backgammon servers, I invariably noticed, like most
others, that some servers have less random dice throws, or else have their
systems hacked.
Can anyone give me a list of the most reliable servers where I can work on
increasing my rating safely?


Hank Youngerman

Jul 31, 2001, 8:35:44 AM7/31/01
I have only played on a few servers (Gamesgrid, Yahoo, MSN Zone) so I
can't comment about others.

However, I will say this. I have never, ever, nowhere, not even once,
seen a valid statistical analysis that showed the dice anywhere to be

Let me give an example of what happens. A player rolls something


And then says "I rolled 6 doubles in a row; the odds on that are 1 in
1.7 million.

And they forget 2 things:

1) They didn't really roll 6 in a row. It was 5 of 6, and the odds on
that are only about 1 in 45,000.
2) 1 in 45,000 will happen 1 time in - 45,000. If you play several
games a day, and play a few days a week, you will have this happen
eventually, and more than once. Even 1 in 1.7 million is once every
few months or years, depending on how much you play, not once in a

I have done some fairly careful analysis of the dice on the MSN Zone.
I get a lot of letters from people claiming to have seen weird things.
But I have NEVER gotten one with an actual log of the game
accompanying it to prove that it really happened.

I once got a log from a tournament director asking if what happened in
the match was possible. The actual odds on the number of doubles in
that match was something like 1 in 80.

There are many reasons to choose a server - features, speed, cost,
quality of opposition, availability of tournaments and money play,
etc. Randomness of the dice is not one of them.

My personal recoomendations are the MSN Zone for a social atmosphere
and frequent tournaments with a variety of formats, and Gamesgrid for
quality of play. However, Gamesgrid basically requires you to pay,
although the fee is modest ($80 a year I think, $60 if you register
with GammonVillage). I'm sure there are other sites with good
features, but surely none with the variety and frequency (50-100 a
day) of tournaments that the Zone has.


Aug 1, 2001, 6:04:45 AM8/1/01
If you're looking for reliable servers, you should have watched Wimbledon.

"Ria Investments" <riainve...@vol.net.mt> wrote in message

Nick Wedd

Aug 8, 2001, 8:59:11 AM8/8/01
In article <3b66a4ec....@netnews.att.net>, Hank Youngerman
<Red...@RedTopBG.com> writes

>And then says "I rolled 6 doubles in a row; the odds on that are 1 in
>1.7 million.

It's 1 in 46,656.

>And they forget 2 things:
>1) They didn't really roll 6 in a row. It was 5 of 6, and the odds on
>that are only about 1 in 45,000.

It's 1 in 1,555.2.

I agree entirely with your arguments, I hope you will excuse the

Nick Wedd

Donald Kahn

Aug 8, 2001, 10:36:15 AM8/8/01
On Wed, 8 Aug 2001 13:59:11 +0100, Nick Wedd <ni...@maproom.co.uk>

As long as we're at it, I will put in my 2 cents worth. I think it is
1 in 46,656 if we say "Starting this roll." But if we have thrown a
double, and we say "odds against 5 more", the answer is 1 in 7776.


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