JellyFish. Worth Buying?

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Steven Pannell

Jan 8, 2002, 6:52:16 PM1/8/02
Hi all,

I've been playing JellyFish lite 3.5 over the last few days and I am
impressed with the level of game play. I'm now thinking of purchasing the
full version but $220 would leave a big hole in my bank account. Is it
really worth the price for all the extra features? or is the basic version
(Player) all that one really needs?

Has anyone purchased the full version and found it to be worth while?

Would appreciate your comments,


Michael Howard

Jan 9, 2002, 5:22:13 AM1/9/02
I'd say it is worth buying. It is really all you need to learn to play at a
very high level - backed up by a couple of good books to put you on the
right lines. Jellyfish is small and quick running well on slow and old PCs.
It has no security so can be moved to laptops and new PCs without hassle.
Other options you must consider are:-

Snowie... twice the price, huge, slow, security protected with silly
passwords. But a little stronger in play and therefore evaluations slightly
more accurate. Rollouts in flight and batch analysis are improvements on

Mastergammon.... Dead cheap. Snowie 2 engine and therefore compares to
JellyFish play about the same. Suggestions and minimum evaluations. Not
very usable for analysis and no rollouts.

GNU....Free!! and compares in strength well with Snowie and Jellyfish. Full
evaluations and rollouts and batch analysis. Excellent, but buggy and rough
round the edges and not yet quite 'commercial' quality.

I'd recommend installing GNU to see the features and decide how much you
really need for your own purposes before making any purchase.

Michael Howard
"Steven Pannell" <> wrote in message


Jan 15, 2002, 3:00:40 AM1/15/02
I'm a Snowie fan myself., but I do respect the 'Fish.

The question you must ask yourself is this: How serious am I about
Backgammon? If you really want to learn the game to an expert, world class
level, then an investment in Snowie or Jellyfish is well worth it (either
one, honestly with do you fine).

If you're so serious as to purchase one of these programs then may I also
suggest checking out

This is an online magazine published by Kit Woolsey. Many world class
players frequent the chat boards giving you a chance to meet and talk to the
best on the planet at Backgammon. There is a Demo issue which is in and of
itself very educational. Subscription is $36 / year and WELL worth it.

Also, if you aren't a member of GamesGrid... Well, if you're SERIOUS about
Backgammon, Yahoo and the Zone ain't it, my friend.

All just helpful tips. If you decide you are not as serious as all that,
then you can still improve your game to a very advanced level by simply
playing the free version of Jellyfish and reading everything by Paul Magriel
and Kit Woolsey you can find.

Hope this helps! Good luck and may the dice be kind.
~Silverfox, the one and only

"Michael Howard" <> wrote in message

Chris Ternel

Jan 22, 2002, 7:34:46 PM1/22/02
"Steven Pannell" <> wrote in message news:<a1g0ne$qecvg$>...
> I'm now thinking of purchasing the full version but $220 would leave a big hole in my bank account.

Why pay $220 when you can get it for $140 from the Backgammon Shop in Denmark?

The URL is



Michael Nelson

Jan 22, 2002, 7:45:21 PM1/22/02
Chris Ternel wrote:

> Why pay $220 when you can get it for $140 from the Backgammon Shop in Denmark?
> The URL is

BTW, I'd like to take this opportunity to put in a plug for Chris and the BG
Shop as a totally satisfied customer. I bought a really nice board set from
him last week (Plaspel "Mexico", and man is it nice!!), and the transaction
could not have been easier.

Chris answered my emails at 2:30 in the morning his time, got the thing
shipped out the next morning (last Thursday), and it arrived via Airborne
Express this morning, expertly packed and in totally perfect condition. And
his prices are the best around, from what I've seen.

I'd HIGHLY recommend doing business with him, don't let the fact that they
are far away in Denmark enter into it.



"# chmod a+x /bin/laden"

Michael Nelson San Francisco, CA

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