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Gregg Cattanach

Dec 8, 2000, 7:36:48 AM12/8/00
The best approach is to buy your checkers first. Get the 1 3/4" diameter
size as this is the standard tournament size. Then build the dimensions of
the board around the checkers. 6 checkers fit neatly with a little play
across each quadrant. Leave just enough room for 12 checkers on opposing
pips (like there are 6 on each midpoint). The pips on the board should just
show a little bit if you have 5 checkers on a point. There seems to be some
standard that the rightmost pip on your side of the board is the lighter
color. Then build the trays on the sides to store the 30 checkers in some
nice way. And the height of the board above the playing field should be a
little more than the height of two checkers stacked up, or more if you are
using very thin checkers. You also might buy your dice cups early on, and
make a section of the tray hold the cubes when the board is folded up. And
leave some storage for a few cubes.

Good luck!


Gregg Cattanach
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> I'd like to make my own backgammon board.
> Is there standard measurements for tournament size board?
> Where can I find instructions to make one (books, internet)?
> thanks in advance,
> TT
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Mark Driver

Dec 8, 2000, 7:43:58 AM12/8/00
There's an article on making a wooden board in
Fine Woodworking Magazine' (published by Taunton Press)
Volume 1, Issue 33, March/April 1982
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