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Anthony D. Schleizer

May 19, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/19/00

Hi. I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate
of the strength of the Agushka backgammon game for the
Palm Pilot. It seems to be quite strong (much better
than my Saitek Champion BG), but since I'm not that good
I can't really judge how strong.



May 31, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/31/00
In article <>,
I have the same program that was released during the beta phase. I
D/L'ed this one and played a couple hundred games since then. At least,
I think it is the same program, in seems to play the same and make the
same mistakes. Most notably, it seems to not interpret well when to
play safer during a commanding lead. I have seen both programs have me
backed up and, going for gammon, leave an unneeded blot while bearing
off, for example.

The commercial version has more bells and whistles most notably a
doubling cube. I wondered what happened to the program since I D/L'ed
the beta. It seemed to disappear over night. Nice to see it resurface
as a finished program.

I plan to purchase this thing as soon as the trial period expires. for
$15 you get a very aggressive program with a pretty good AI for
something that occupies less than 50K of ram. I like that the fact that
I can whip out my PalmIII and rattle off a game anywhere... waiting in
line at the fast food joint, walking, whatever. The interface is very
easy and fast, if I am not playing too carefully I can go through 5
games in 5 minutes.

I would rate myself as coming into advanced play, certainly not a
veteran advanced one. I have played the beta version thousands of games
and win about 55% of the time in both total points and games, (the beta
has no cube) I have seen the program get on a roll and be nearly
impossible to beat for 50 games or more, I have done the same. Were it
not for the mistakes it makes I would win maybe 53%, more if I was a
better player.

Here is where (MY PET PEEVE) they always complain about cheating dice
rolls. I have read cheating complaints about even PMI Backgammon for
the Palm which plays only at a beginner level. Yahoo dice cheat,
Jellyfish cheats, Snowie cheats. OH and a few can even predict the
rolls Yahoo dice gives to whatever opponent plays them! This program
does not cheat nor have I ever played a program that does. Ever notice
how these people get really lucky and attribute it to their skill? But
if a program gets lucky it cheats? LAME!

I am not sure but it seems that the AI in the commercial version has
been tweaked a bit. Not much but it seems, for now, to be playing a
little better. It's hard to tell without playing 500 or so games. It's
great to have the commercial quality interface and the cube. Match play
would be a nice addition.

Jellyfish or Snowie would both beat it bad, but I can't play them 10
games while standing in an Airport terminal line. It's improved my game
and for any BG fan with a Palm Pilot it's a definite take.

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