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Mar 13, 2006, 3:35:44 PM3/13/06
The reason for the poor performance and downtime we are experiencing is
that the site was hacked and a virus uploaded.

The virus came through an email, this is why they are not answering any

Good luck they have $1880 of my cash I'll probably never see again!


Mar 14, 2006, 4:45:49 PM3/14/06

> UB Site hacked

I don't know the why's and wherefore's, but I had already started to
have some doubts about either UltimateBet's security or their ethics, as
I had recently received spam to an address that was created specifically
for dealing with UB and had been provided only to them. Now the spam
was for another poker site, and came from Costa Rica, so there are
multiple explanations that come to mind:

1. They were hacked - Possible, but the e-mail addresses of their
players are hardly the most valuable asset on their servers.

2. They sold the addresses - this seems more likely, though probably not
UB themselves, I doubt they are that strapped for income, more likely a
tech type with limited access, maybe working in a colocation site.

3. They own/operate/are affiliated with the other poker site and just
assume that all their existing customers will be interested, but don't
feel the need to be completely forthright about the arrangement.

It does seem odd that Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker and at least one
other significant site all had downtime the same week. Since I do work
with Internet security related issues, that is where my thinking tends
to go, but gambling sites are the perfect victims for online
extortionists, who are already targeting financial institutions and
other businesses that would rather not have their vulnerabilities

FYI, the spam was pimping "Adult Party Poker - Newest Poker Experience
on the Internet" and came from "Adult Poker Party"
<grou...@massmail.co.cr>, if anyone knows about any unpublished
relationship between the two entities...

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