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Feb 4, 2002, 6:12:31 PM2/4/02
Hello, I have played the Canadian 6/49 for a year now using the Lotwin
software. I played about 100 to 1000 lines each draw, sometimes alone,
sometimes with a friend. The closest I came was missing a number and a
criteria in the same draw, playing about 23 numbers. My biggest problem was
changing too often strategy. Right now I play the Quebec 49 with cost only
50 cents a line. Is there someone who wants to share strategies and
personal experience with me ? I think that Lotwin is the best software for
now, but it still misses some filters that could narrow the combinations.
What happened to the Lotwin challenge and to those experienced players ? I
have noticed many people get the jackpot in 15 numbers in that competition.
Is there anyone among you who got the jackpot in reality ?

Thank you and take care,

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