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Jul 22, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/22/95
to (Eddy J. Gurney) wrote:

>I'd like to start a list of all the calls and rhymes the stickman
>uses when calling a game of craps. I heard tons of them on a recent
>trip to Vegas and now I can barely remember any of them. :-)

>There are two categories I can think of: successful dice roll calls
>and "bad" dice roll calls (i.e., off the table or up in the racks.)

>Successful dice roll calls I've heard include sayings like:

>"Nine! Nine, center field nine."
>"Two! Craps! Take the do's, pay the don'ts, double the bubble."
>"Seven! Craps! Line away! Last come gets some."
>I also remember hearing one about "single the field" when a number in
>the field comes up (same guy who used the "double the bubble" above).

>Bad dice roll "rhymes" I remember include:

>"Too tall to call!"
>"In the cedar, couldn't read'r!" (Even though the wood is not cedar. :-)

>Can anybody else add to the list?


"Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner." I have no clue why this was so
popular in Las Vegas. Now we say it at home.

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