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The Candor of Famous Blackjack Card Counters

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Ion Saliu

Sep 20, 2020, 11:24:52 AM9/20/20

There are times when even the famous card-counters are honest. They are candid, especially in their books. It is easy to deduct that the card-counting blackjack strategy is DANGEROUS.

The bankrolls of the vast majority of blackjack players get wiped out applying the dangerous strategy. There is no doubt in my mind that the card-counting bj strategy represents collusion between casinos and notorious gambling authors. The casinos make lots of money from the blackjack players who count cards.

A few noted card counters in their own words…

• Ken Uston, “Million Dollar Blackjack”:
“I played full time for 22 consecutive days in some of the most favorable games I've ever experienced … At the end of 22 days, I was down $35,000 ... Two of the best counters I know played in Europe for 61 days, full time, and were down $30,000 ... The same two players dropped $156,000 in two weeks in Atlantic City in late 1979 in a highly favorable game.” WHAT???

• Lance Humble, “The World's Greatest Blackjack Book”:
“Three first-rate counters playing the Hi-Opt II lost over $60,000 in less than 3 weeks ... There is new research going on concerning what happens when the count is extremely positive ... The player is actually at a disadvantage when the count is a very high plus.” WHAT???

• Arnold Snyder, “Casino Player Magazine, November 1997”:
“When I self-published my first book, ‘The Blackjack Formula’, in 1980, and advertised it in Gambling Times magazine with the catchy, upbeat slogan: ‘Card Counters Beware’ … stating in the ad that most of the blackjack games available in the casinos of the world were unbeatable with any card counting system … It is easier to make a living writing about this game [blackjack] than it is playing it. I have tried both, and I much prefer the keyboard to the cold green felt.”

• Bryce Carlson, “Blackjack For Blood”:
“Bad runs of luck can, and will, sometimes dominate your results for hours and hours on end. I have personally experienced losing streaks that lasted for over 7,500 hands.”

• Edwin Silberstang, “Winning Blackjack For The Serious Player”:
“Every time the deck was favorable and I had a big bet out, I'd lose. When I had a minimum bet with a super-negative deck, I'd get a blackjack.” WHAT???

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Ion Saliu

Sep 20, 2020, 12:06:20 PM9/20/20

You can get lost easily in public forums like this Usenet group. THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY POSTS!!!

To solve the problem, I created a thread referring to the most relevant articles, materials, debates, systems, fights, etc. I keep it updated and make sure it shows at the top of this Google group:!topic/rec.gambling.blackjack/yHJJBp0F9OU
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Ion Saliu

Mar 26, 2023, 8:02:39 AM3/26/23

Search-engine programming advanced with rapid paces. Now, they can interact with Netizens almost like human beings. There are AI chatbots that behave in the manner of human researchers. I tested two AI chatbots on ‘Ion Saliu’ and ‘Blackjack, Gambling’.
• Artificial Intelligence, Blackjack, Gambling: Chatbots, Ion Saliu.
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