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USA part 6

This section has listings for the following:

Arizona Nevada New Mexico Utah

Many thanks to Andrea Shettle-Sutton for providing lots of help with
the USA listings.

Entries marked with *VRG are ones which were discovered in the
_Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S.
and Canada_ from the Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463,
Baltimore, MD 21203. Tel. (410) 366-VEGE. Foreword by Lindsay Wagner,
info compiled by Sally Clinton and Debra Wasserman, published by Avery
Publishing Group Inc. in Garden City Park, NY, copyright 1993.



The following states are listed here:

Arizona Nevada New Mexico Utah

Many thanks to Corrina Perrone for helping with the Southwest


Phoenix Area Vegetarians
c/o Vivian Ofr-Steingroot, 4232 E. Siesta Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85024,
(602) 569-6924


Cafe Express, 16 N. San Francisco, 774-0541
- "Arizona's largest natural foods restaurant". Has vegan options.
Seasonal outdoor seating. Child friendly. Open Mon-Sun for
breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

Pasto, 19 E. Aspen Street, 779-1937
- "Health conscious Italian food. Warm, friendly, neighborhood
restaurant. Great food." Open Mon-Sun lunch & dinner.

Dara Thai Restaurant, 1612 E. Santa Fe Avenue, 774-0047
- Vegetarian and vegan options. Willing to make a vegetarian version
of any non-vegetarian dish on the menu. *VRG

The Vegetarian Connection, (602) 526-5254 or 527-8313
2700 Woodlands Plaza Blvd, Suite 300-111, Flagstaff, AZ 86001
- A vegetarian computer BBS. Connection charges are $20/year.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

International Vegetarian House, 4812 N-7th Avenue, 264-3480
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. International food, including
Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, French, etc. Tofu specialties.
Run by a religious organization. Also known as The International
Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Associations Vegetarian House.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Minga's, 43rd and W. Cactus
- Mexican. Vegan-friendly. At least 10 vegetarian dishes, all of which
can be ordered without cheese. Use no lard. The spanish rice has
chicken stock (pointed out on the menu), therefore they will
substitute cabbage for the rice - it's very tasty. The average price
is $6.50 - $7.00. They also make *very* good salsa.


Trader Joe's, 2 locations:
Town & Country Plaza, 20th Street at Camelback Road
Metro Power Center
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
natural foods store type items.


Super Carrot Natural Food Market & Cafe, 236 S. Montezuma, 776-0365
- Vegetarian restaurant. Has vegan options. *VRG

Lynette's ... Enchanted Cafe, 111 Grove Avenue, 778-3616
- Natural foods restaurant. Some vegetarian and a few vegan options.


Marche Gourmet, 4121 N. Marshall Way, 994-4568
- Natural foods restaurant. Has vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

La Mediterranee de Sedona, 2515 N. Scottsdale Road Suite 12, 990-0602
- Has vegetarian options (probably vegan options too, but double check
then e-mail the list coordinator so this entry can be updated) *VRG

A Jewel of the Crown, 4141 N. Scottsdale Road, 840-2412
- Vegetarian-friendly Indian restaurant.


La Mediterrannee de Sedona, Atop the Quality Inn, Hwy. 179, 282-7006
- Veggie options (double check on vegan and email coordinator so
this entry can be updated) *VRG

Oaxaca Restaurant & Cantina, 231 N. Hwy. 89A, 282-4179
- Mexican. Vegetarian and "heart healthy" options offered. *VRG

Sedona Salad Co., 2370 W. Hwy. 89A, 282-0299
- American. Salad bar with organic options. *VRG

Sun City

Trader Joe's, Thunderbird Plaza, 13602 N. 99th Avenue (at
Thunderbird), 972-0599
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
natural foods store type items.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Gentle Strength Deli, 234 W. University, 968-4831
- Natural foods. Has vegetarian, vegan, and macrobiotic options. *VRG

Healthy Heart, 6340 S. Rural Road, 831-6464
- Natural foods. Has vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

Delhi Palace, 933 E. University Drive, 921-2200
- Indian.

Natural Foods Stores:

In-Season Deli, on Mill Avenue


Trader Joe's, Guadalupe & McClintock
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
natural foods store type items.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Govinda's, 711 E. Blacklidge, 792-0630
- Hare Krishna lacto-vegetarian restaurant. Also Italian and Mexican
style dishes. Open Tue 5pm-9pm, Wed-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm & 5pm-9pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

La Indita, 2 locations:
622 N. 4th Avenue, 792-0523
8578 E. Broadway, 886-9191
- Mexican food. Run by Seventh Day Adventists. Vegetarian versions of
traditional dishes. Vegan options. Features walnut-spinach
enchiladas and vegetarian tamales. Open Mon-Sun.

El Adobe Mexican Restaurant, 40 W. Broadway, 791-7458
- Mexican. Vegetarian versions of traditional dishes offered. Has
vegan options. *VRG

Maya Quetzal, 429 N. 4th Avenue
- Guatemelan. Several vegetarian entrees including: vegetarian tamales
with spinach, red pepper sauce, raisins, olives steamed in plantain
leaves, vegetarian taquitos (potatoes, carrots served w/ parmesan
cheese, salsa & onion slices), Guatemalan black beans, salad, & rice
$1.50 extra. Open Sun-Tue, Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm. Closed

Ichi Ban, 1911 E. Grant, 325-4129
- Oriental. Mostly vegetarian. Features dishes made with seitan.

The Garland, 119 E. Speedway, 792-4221
- Features a wide variety of vegetarian/vegan appetizers, sandwiches &

The Good Earth, 6366 E. Broadway, 745-6600
- Mostly vegetarian entrees. Great breakfasts with freshly squeezed
juice and homemade breads/muffins. Some vegan offerings. Generous

Magpies, 3 locations:
605 N. 4th Avenue, 628-1661
7315 N. Oracle, 297-2712
4654 E. Speedway, 326-0261
- Pizza. Lots of "lite" options, with low-fat cheese & vegan.

Selamat Makan Restaurant, 3502 E. Grant Road, 325-6755
- Malaysian. Has vegetarian options. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

New Life Health Centers, several locations:
5612 E. Broadway, 747-0209
4841 E. Speedway, 795-7862
4012 N. Oracle, 888-4830
1789 W. Ajo, 294-4926
- Herbs, grains and flours available in bulk. Fresh produce, rice/soy
milks, tofu, tempeh, legumes, supplements & vitamins. The store on
Speedway also has a restaurant/juice bar.

Cash 'n' Carry, 350 S. Toole Avenue, 622-3911
- A division of Tucson Cooperative Warehouse. Bulk & packaged natural
foods. Bodycare items, nuts, vitamins, juices, frozen foods.

Full Potential Warehouse, 3225 N. Los Altos, 293-7770
- Herbs, natural foods, vitamins.

Tucson Cooperative Warehouse
- Has a $600.00 minimum order and a huge truck delivers it to your


See the separately posted California listings.


Vegetarian Society of Colorado
P.O. Box 6773, Denver, CO 80206, (303) 777-4828


Carnitas, 529 Main Street, 589-0745
- Southwestern. Vegetarian and vegan options. Low fat and whole grain
foods. *VRG


Explore Coffeehouse, 221 E. Main Street, 925-5336
- Gourmet vegetarian restaurant. Vegan options. *VRG


Wild Oats Market, 12131 East Iliff Avenue, 695-8801
- Health-food-store deli. Has vegetarian dishes, ethnic foods. *VRG

Denver Salad Co., 14201 E. Public Market, 750-1339
- American. Big salad bar. *VRG

Fong Lynn, 1780 S. Buckley Road, 745-9111
- Chinese. *VRG


Vegan Restaurants:

Mij Bani, 1871 Pearl Street, 442-7000
- Indian vegan. "*EXCELLENT* food." The only restaurant serving dishes
from Western and Southern parts of India. "Try the dosa and idli.
Delicious." Open Tue-Sun 11am-3pm & 6pm-10pm. Closed Mon.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Creative Bakery & Cafe, 1837 Pearl Street, 449-1952
- A *MUST* for a Boulder visit. It is ALL vegetarian, with everything
made fresh daily. Vegan food always available. Patio dining as well
as indoors. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch. Inexpensive. Marked as
"Reviewers' Choice in the _Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural
Foods Restaurants in the U.S. and Canada_.

Masalas International Creekside Cafe, 2111-30th Street, 447-1776
- Different ethnic cuisine every day. Vegan-friendly. Lunch and dinner
buffet. Additionally, sandwiches and burritos are available for
lunch and a choice of entrees for dinner. Beer and wine served. Open
Mon-Sat 11:30am-8:30pm.

Wild Oats Vegetarian Market, 1825 Pearl Street, 440-9599
- Vegetarian/health-food-store deli. Same as Wild Oats Market but ALL

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Alfalfa's Market, 1651 Broadway, 442-0082 or 442-0909 (cafe)
- This is a great natural foods market, and they have a little cafe in
the back. They also have a great bakery. It's deli style dining, not
totally cheap, either. Vegan options.

Beau Jo's Pizza, 1600 28th Street (Crossroads Mall), 444-5135
- Pizza restaurant chain. Serve vegan pizza that comes with a thick
crust, tomatoes, artichokes, spinach, and tofu. They have 3 choices
of dough (sesame-wheat, wheat, and another one). 16 vegetarian

Golden Buff, 28th Street & Canyon, 442-2800
- Wide variety of vegetarian and vegan selections for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner. Emphasis on healthy food. GREAT black bean chili.

Harvest Restaurant & Bakery, 1738 Pearl Street (at 17th)
- Just redone in Boulder. They have a revamped menu, I hear so don't
know if the emphasis changed. But I'm pretty sure it still has lots
of vegetarian items. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moderate.

Harvest Express, 2000 Broadway, 449-6225
- Health-food-store deli. *VRG

Healthy Habits, Meadows Shopping Center, Baseline & Foothills Pkwy.
- Salad bar, soup bar and pasta bar. Always vegetarian selections at
soup and pasta bar. Pasta is identified as eggless. All meals come
with unlimited muffins, fruit and dessert. I like the tomato sauce
with capers and olives. Family restaurant. Inexpensive.

Himalayas, 2010 14th Street, 442-3230
- Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan food. Wonderful lunch buffet, great
Chai. Everything is delicious. They serve these Nepalese nut balls
with a red pepper sauce that are wonderful. Moderate.

Narayan's Nepal Restaurant, 921 Pearl Street, 447-2816
- Inexpensive, wonderful food! Particularly liked the stuffed jumbo
roti. Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner. Lots of food and cheap.

Pablo's Mexican Cafe, 2865 Baseline (at 28th), 442-7512
- Santa Fe style Mexican food with a healthy bend. Moderate.

Ras Kassa's Ethiopian, South Broadway at Eldorado Springs Drive
(Intersection of 93 & 170)
- Definitely recommended. Best Ethiopian food in Colorado! Everything
is so tasty. Tiny place, expect to wait; it is very popular. And
as their ad says "No forks or reservations." Lots of food and very
reasonably priced.

China Gourmet, 3870 N. Broadway, in shopping center, 440-3500
- Definitely recommended!

Cafe Antica Roma, Pearl Street Mall
- Great pasta and desserts. Small and cozy atmosphere.

La Estrellita, 2037 13th St, 1/2 block north of Pearl St. Mall
- Mexican, not much on the menu is strictly vegetarian but they
will accomodate vegetarians. Inexpensive.

Rocky Mountain Joe's Cafe, 1410 Pearl Street, 442-3969
- Tempeh and "garden" burgers, usually a vegetarian special or two
at lunch (not open for dinner). Moderate.

Royal Peacock, 5290 Arapahoe Avenue, 447-5290
- Indian. Monday and Tuesday they have a live Sitar player. They have
great Malai Koftas, and plenty of vegetarian dishes. I used to live
a block from this place, so I was there all the time!

Rudi's, 4720 Table Mesa Dr, 494-5858
- I've had trouble with vegan stuff here, but the food is great in
general. Previously a vegetarian restaurant but now serves meat.
Emphasis on healthy food and use of natural and organic products.
Moderately expensive.

Tra-Ling's Oriental Cafe, 1305 Broadway, on the Hill
- Inexpensive and healthy Chinese food.

Walnut Cafe, 3073 Walnut, 447-2315
- Natural foods. *VRG

Wild Oats Market, 2584 Baseline, 499-7636
- Health-food-store deli. Mostly vegetarian. Vegan options.

Young's Place Asian Cuisine, 1083 14th Street, 447-9837
- Asian. Various vegetarian options. *VRG

- 'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.
Bangkok Cuisine, 2017 13th St, 1/2 block north of Pearl St. Mall
- Excellent Thai food. Good wine list. Moderate.
Siamese Plate, 1575 Folsom Avenue, 447-9718
- Another excellent Thai restaurant. Moderate.
Sawadee Restaurant, on the Pearl St Mall on 1400 block
- Yes, another excellent Thai restaurant. Moderate.

Alexander's New Mexican Style Food, 1650 Broadway, 444-6699

Attuso's of Brooklyn, 1739 Pearl Street, 442-2262

Bagel Bakery, 950 Pearl Street, 447-9290

Boulder Salad Co., 2595 Canyon Blvd, 447-8272

Cafe Central, 2100 Central Avenue, 443-8855

Chez Thuy, 2655 28th Street, 442-1700

D'Napoli Ristorante, 835 Walnut, 444-8434

Dot's Diner, 799 Pearl Street, 449-1323

Jalino's Pizza, 1647 Arapahoe, 443-6300

Jose Muldoon's, 1600 38th Street, 449-4543

Market Grill, 1265 Alpine Avenue, 440-9511

Mataam Fez Moroccan Restaurant, 2226 Pearl Street, 440-4167

Mediterranean, 1002 Walnut, 444-5335

Moe's Bagel Bakery, 2650 Broadway, 444-3252

Nancy's, 825 Walnut Street, 449-8402

Senor Miguel Mexican Cafe, 2555 28th Street, 449-3964

- Chain of restaurants.

Falafel King
- Chain of restaurants.

Falafel Man
- Chain of restaurants.

Natural Foods Stores:

Alfalfa's Market, 1651 Broadway, 442-0082
- The ultimate in Yuppie Natural Gourmet grocery stores. This is a
great vegetarian food market. Boulderites bring out-of-towners
here to show it off (and I'm one of them). Great deli, salad bar,
bakery and take-out. Everything on the shelves has been carefully
screened, e.g. environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, organic if

Wild Oats Market, two locations:
Basemar Shopping Center, 2584 Baseline at Broadway, 499-7636
1825 Pearl St, about 5 blocks east of Pearl Street Mall, 440-9599
- The Wild Oats on Pearl used to be Crystal Market. It is strictly
vegetarian while the other one isn't. Runs a close second to


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Red Orchid, 206 N. Main Street, 453-1881
- Chinese. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Amazing Grace Natural Foods, 213 Lincoln Avenue, 453-1445
- Has a deli. *VRG


Summer Health Classic, (800) 275-3732
- Vegetarian camp for adults & children.

Cherry Creek

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:
Alfalfa's, 201 University, 442-0909
- Natural foods. Vegan options. *VRG

Colorado Springs

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Dale Street Cafe, 115 E. Dale Street, 578-9898
- Natural foods. *VRG

Golden Dragon Restaurant, 903 S. 8th Street, 632-3607
- Chinese/American. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

Jose' Muldoon's, 222 N. Tejon Street, 636-2311
- Mexican. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

The Olive Branch, 2 locations:
333 N. Tejon Street, 475-1199
2140 Vickers Drive, 593-9522 (breakfast and lunch only)
- Natural foods. Has vegetarian and "heart healthy" options. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Wild Oats Community Market, 5075 N. Academy Blvd, (719) 548-1667
- Has a vegetarian deli. Excellent selection of vegetarian foods.
Essentially a natural food "super-market".

Mountain Mama Natural Foods Inc, 1625-A West Uintah, (719) 633-4139
- Has a vegetarian deli. Small store with a modest selection of
"natural" health care products. Excellent but small produce
section. Limited selection in general. Good deli with excellent
soy cheese pizza. Open Mon-Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 11am-5pm.


Surrounding area includes Aurora, Englewood, Littleton, Westminster,
and Wheatridge.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Govinda's Buffet, 1400 Cherry Street, 333-5462
- Lacto-vegetarian. Pure vegan on Thursdays. This is an all-you-can-
eat buffet at the Hare Krishna Temple. The food is WONDERFUL, it's
inexpensive and they always have vegan stuff, too.

Rosewood Cafe, Porter Hospital, 2525 S. Downing Street, 778-5881
- Vegetarian. Some vegan options. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Wolfe's BBQ, 333 E. Colfax Avenue, (303) 831-1500
- Barbeque. Delicious barbequed tofu, both plate and sandwich. A
selection of tasty vegetarian side dishes including vegan BBQ beans,
incredible vegan cole slaw, vegetarian potato salad, and
yogurt-dressed carrot salad. Open Mon-Fri for lunch 11:30am-3pm,
dinner 5pm-8pm.
- "A truly excellent place to go. If you can get past the fact that
you're eating in a BBQ place and other people there are eating ribs
and steaks etc., the BBQ Tofu is the best I've ever had, and the
owner is very friendly. Great place!!!"

Beau Jo's Pizza, 2 locations:
2700 S. Colorado Blvd, 758-1519
7805 Wadsworth, 420-8376
- Pizza restaurant chain. Serve vegan pizza that comes with a thick
crust, tomatoes, artichokes, spinach, and tofu. They have 3 choices
of dough (sesame-wheat, wheat, and another one). 16 vegetarian

Green's Natural Foods Cafe, 320 E. Colfax, 831-1315
(2 blocks east of the Capitol)
- Yuppie prices, *lovely* food, well worth it. Be sure and try the
Strawberry mint lemonade. They have heavenly tempeh dishes, and
great desserts, too! Vegan options.

Greens Market Deli, 1312 E. 6th Avenue, 778-8117
- Take out only.

Harvest Restaurant & Bakery, 2 locations:
430 S. Colorado Blvd, 399-6652
5056 S. Wadsworth, 933-2011
- Mexican/health foods. Vegetarian and vegan options.

Paradise Chinese Restaurant, 9350 W. Cross Dr, 972-8889
- This is a wonderful place. If you ask for Kung Pao tofu, they will
know I sent you!

Siamese Twins, In the Mission Trace Shopping Center at Hampden (285)
& Wadsworth
- Thai. Very good. They have vegetarian spring rolls, and if
you ask, will make you vegetarian green curry, instead of red.
Great service, inexpensive.

Walnut Cafe, 338 E. Colfax Avenue, 832-5108
- Natural foods. Tofu available as substitute for non-vegetarian
and dairy items. *VRG

Delhi Darbar, 1514 Blake, 595-0680
- Wonderful Indian food. Several vegetarian choices. Service can be

Ethiopian Restaurant, 2816 E. Colfax Avenue, 322-5939
- Inexpensive. Wonderful food.

Genesis, 1119 S. Washington, 778-7822
- Inexpensive, informal, a little hard to find (it's off the
frontage road of I-25), but WELL worth the search).

Goodfriends, 3100 E. Colfax, 399-1751
- Try the eggplant fajitas!

India's, 333 S. Tamarac, Tamarac Shopping Center, 755-4284
- Wonderful Indian food, a bit expensive, a bit more formal.

Jerusalem Restaurant, 1890 E. Evans, 777-8828
- This is kind of like "fast" Middle Eastern Food, but it is really
inexpensive and they give you generous portions of tasty food.

Josephina's, 7777 E. Hampden Avenue #120, 750-4422
- Italian. Vegetarian, vegan, and "heart healthy" options. *VRG

Jay's Noodles, On Federal approx. 2 miles North of Hampden (285)
- Thai food, well made. Jay will make anything on the menu for
vegetarians. Voted best Thai restaurant in Denver.

Mataam Fez Moroccan Restaurant, 4609 E. Colfax, 399-9282
- Call ahead for vegetarian reservations - and they will make you a
special fruit b'stella, which is the amazing second course.

Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, 294-9281
- An ecclectic, inexpensive place.

Pasquinis, 2-3 miles south of the downtown area on Broadway
- Italian. Wonderful garlic bread and pizzetas (small pizzas).

The Black-Eyed Pea, 5 locations
- Southern food. Reasonably broad choice of veggies.

- Several vegetarian pasta choices. Moderate to expensive. Great
service, and quite popular.

Today's Gourmet, On 6th Avenue (around Humboldt?)
- Small restaurant serving new American. Moderate to expensive.

New Saigon, On Federal approx 1.5 miles North of Hampden (285)
- Vietnamese. They have several veggie dishes, but in my opinion the
best is the tofu & noodles!

Healthy Habits, 2 locations:
865 S. Colorado Blvd, 733-2105
14195 W. Colfax Avenue, 277-9293
- Salad, pasta, soup bar - comes with muffins and dessert. Best for
lunch - they raise the dinner prices.

Annie's Cafe, 4012 E. 8th Avenue, 355-8197

Denver Salad Co., 3 locations:
2700 S. Colorado Blvd, 691-2050
14201 E. Public Market Drive, 750-1339
2010 E. County Line Road, 798-3453
- American. Big salad bar.

City Spirit, 1434 Blake, 575-0022

Gemini, 4300 Wadsworth Blvd, 421-4990

Golden Bowl, 406 E. Colfax, 832-8440

Golden Tempura Bowl, 1448 Market Street, 534-3370
- Japanese. *VRG

Holly Inn, 2223 S. Monaco Pkwy, 758-9623

Jasmine, 203 W. Hampden, 781-8899

La Casa Loma, 710 W. 120th Avenue, 450-6906

Little Shanghai Cafe, 460 S. Broadway, 722-1292

Mediterranean Health Cafe, 2817 E. 3rd Avenue, 399-2940

Mid-East Feast Restaurant, 6265 E. Evans, 759-9778

Old Mexican Cafe, 730 E. 6th Avenue, 778-7999

Oriental Start Cafe, 12203 E. Iliff Avenue, 337-4482

Paul's Place, 3 locations:
1st & Steele Cherry Creek Shopping Center
6818 S. Yosemite, 771-8855
8000 E. Quincy, 220-0167

Pour La France, 730 S. University Blvd, 744-1888

Seoul Cafe, 701 E. 6th Avenue, 837-1460

T-WA Inn, 555 S. Federal Blvd (very near New Saigon)

Twin Dragon, 3021 S. Broadway, 781-8068

Wynkoop Brewing Co., 1634 18th Street, 297-2700

Natural Foods Stores:

Alfalfa's Market

Vitamin Cottage, throughout Denver and suburbs
- Open Sun-Sat 10am-8pm.


Paul's Place, Southgate Shopping Center, 6818 S. Yosemite, 771-8855
- Gourmet fast food. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

Twin Dragon Restaurant, 3021 S. Broadway, 781-8068
- Mandarian/Szechuan. 15 vegetable/tofu options. Vegan options. *VRG

Estes Park

Molly B's, 200 Moraine Avenue, 586-2766
- Natural foods. Vegtarian and vegan options. *VRG


River Sage Resaurant, 4651 S. Hwy. 73, 674-2914
- Natural foods. Vegan options. *VRG

Fort Collins

Rainbow, Laurel west of College, 221-2664
- The closest thing Fort Collins has to a vegetarian restaurant.

Avogadro's Number, 605 South Mason, 493-5555
- A college-hangout sandwich shop. Has a good Tofu sandwich called
the Big To. Also had a Tempeh burger and veggie chili.

Twin Dragon Gate, 23 Old Town Square #100, 224-2922
- Chinese. Vegan-friendly. I had a nice Ma Po Tofu dish recently. They
have several tofu dishes and several vegetable dishes, but no
vegetarian soups. Open for lunch and dinner.

Young's Cafe, On South College, 223-8000
- Good Vietnamese food. Selection of vegetarian items.

Joe's Fireside Cafe, 238 S. College

Cuisine! Cuisine!, 330 S. Mason (130 S Mason?), 221-0399
- International. Vegetarian and vegan options.

Marsannes Cafe, 400 S. Meldrum

Cozzola's Pizza, 241 Linden (near Old Town square), 482-3557
- Great gourmet pizza with vegetarian sauces and wide range of veg
toppings. Have non-dairy cheese (probably has dairy casein). Try
Salsa del Drago, hot tomato based sauce with pinto beans. Vegans
should inquire about cheese in sauces.

Coopersmith's, in downtown Old Town
- A brew pub. 3-4 vegetarian entrees and 2-3 appetizers, clearly
marked. I like their vegetarian pot pie.

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, 143 W. Mountain Avenue, 224-5428
- Mexican. Vegan options. *VRG

Summit Subs, on west Elizabeth
- 5 varieties of vegetarian sandwiches, though most have cheese.

Natural Foods Stores:

Fort Collins Food Co-op, 250 E. Mountain Avenue, 484-7448
- Non-members pay additional 5%. Has bulk foods and herbs. A nice
place. Open Mon-Fri 8:30-8pm, Sat 8:30-7pm Sun 11am-6pm.

Wild Oats Community Market, 1611 S. College Avenue, 482-3200

Alfalfa's Market

Grand Junction

Sundrop Grocery, 741 Main Street, 243-1175
- All-vegetarian deli. Vegan options. *VRG

River City Cafe & Bar, 748 North Avenue, 245-8040
- Natural foods. Vegan options. *VRG

Good Pastures Restaurant & Lounge, 733 Horzon Drive, 245-7200
- International. Vegan options. *VRG

Greenwood Village

Harvest Restaurant & Bakery, 77330 E. Belleview, 779-4111
- Mexican. Vegetarian, vegan, and low-fat options. *VRG

Idaho Springs

Beau Jo's Pizza, 1517 Miner Street, 567-2792
- Pizza restaurant chain. Serve vegan pizza that comes with a thick
crust, tomatoes, artichokes, spinach, and tofu. They have 3 choices
of dough (sesame-wheat, wheat, and another one). 16 vegetarian


Efrain's Mexican Restaurante & Cantina, 101 E. Cleveland, 666-7544
- Mexican. Vegetarian items marked on menu. Vegan options. *VRG


Vitamin Cottage, 8989? W. Colfax Avenue
- Health food store with an emphasis on natural health remedies.


Alfalfa's, 5910 S. University, 798-9699
- Natural foods store. *VRG

Denver Salad Co., 2010 E. County Line Road, 798-3453
- American. Big salad bar. *VRG

Harvest Restaurant & Bakery, 5056 S. Wadsworth Blvd, 933-2011
- Mexican/health foods. Vegetarian, vegan, and low-fat options. *VRG


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Kim's Vietnamese Cuisine, 2065 Main Street, (303) 776-5825
- Vietnamese. Vegan-friendly. Family-run. Our favorite restaurant in
Longmont. The vegan appetizers include tofu wrapped in rice paper
with cilantro and mint, Vietnamese egg rolls, grape leaves stuffed
with tofu, and fried seitan. Entrees include tofu with cashews, tofu
with noodles and vegetables, and tofu curry in a pot. All the food
is expertly prepared. Lunch specials run about 5$-8$ (1995), a full
dinner can go up to 20$ without drinks. Well worth the trip. We have
friends who come from Denver and Boulder just for a meal there.
Open Mon-Fri 11am-2pm & 5pm-10pm, Sat 5pm-10pm. Closed Sun.

Ichi Ban Japanese Restaurant, 1834 N. Main Street, 772-6882
- Japanese. Vegetarian options. *VRG


Karen's Kitchen, 700 Main Street, 666-8020
- Natural foods. Vegan options. *VRG


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Red Dragon, 223 East 29th, 669-6769
- Chinese. Vegan-friendly. Have several good tofu and vegetable
dishes, a vegetarian soup and vegetarian egg rolls. I eat here
often. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Mon.

Natural Foods Stores:

Cabin Country Natural Foods, 248 E. 4th Street, 669-9280
- Open Mon-Sat days only. Closed Sun.

Manitou Springs

Adam's Mountain Cafe, 733 Manitou Avenue, 685-1430
- Natural foods. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG


Athenian Senate, 123 S. Spruce, 728-3018
- Greek/Italian. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

Gregor's Bakery & Cafe, 217 E. Colorado Avenue, 728-3334
- Natural foods w/vegetarian options. *VRG

Natural Source, 124 E. Colorado Avenue, 728-4833
- Health-food-store deli. Vegan options. *VRG


La Casa Loma Cafe, 710 W. 120th Street, 450-6906
- Mexican/American. Vegetarian and vegan options on menu. Can
accomodate "special requests". *VRG

Gemini Restaurant, 7155 W. 88th Avenue, 423-3577
- Natural foods/ethnic. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG


Gemini Restaurant, 4300 Wadsworth Blvd, Loehmann's Plaza, 421-4990
- Natural foods/ethnic. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG


Las Vegas

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Rainbow's End, 1120 E. Sahara Avenue, 737-0323
- Does not use sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils, artificial
ingredients, or preservatives. Vegan & macrobiotic options. Full
service. Buffet on Sunday. Open Mon-Sun.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

General Health Foods, 3661 S. Maryland Parkway
- A natural foods store that serves lunch only.

Green Goddess, 953 Sahara
- It's at the back of the Rainbow's End Natural Food store.
Supposed to have a good salad bar, and has wheatless and eggless
entrees available. I quote, "Extremely accommodating chef."

Wild Oats Market, 3455 E Flamingo Road (at Pecos), 434-8115
- Grocery store with organic food and an a health food cafe. Wheat of
Meat burgers, save-the-chicken salad sandwich, vegetarian sandwiches
and salads, vegetable burrito. Organic rice and organic vegetables
when available. No preservatives. A complete natural food market
featuring organic produce, natural groceries, supplements, cruelty
free body care and cosmetics, bulk, books.

The Beach Cafe(?) in the Rio Hotel, off of flamingo and I 15
- Fruit plate (large) was quite good.


Lotus of Siam, 953 E. Sahara #A5
- Extensive vegetarian menu. Open daily. Vegan options. *VRG


Diamond China, Spring Mtn at Fashion Show Mall

Diamond Sahara, West Sahara Ave

Emporers Table, Decatur near Tropicana


Dacau, Twain near Maryland Parkway

Touch of Ginger, Maryland Pkway and Flamingo


Nippon, Convention Center Drive near the Stardust hotel

"There are a number of Indian restuarants around town, but I've never
been impressed with any of them."


The Blue Heron, 1091 S. Virginia Street, 786-4110
- Vegetarian restaurant. This is a pleasant place, with a mostly
organic sort of menu. The service is so laid back as to be almost
horizontal. Vegan and macrobiotic options. I think the restaurant is
closed on Sundays. Virginia street is the "main" street that most
of the casinos are on. The restaurant is a mile or so south of the

Taj Mahal Restaurant, 2255 Glendale Avenue, 355-9119
- Very nice lunch buffet every day except Sunday.

Sapna Indian Restaurant, 3374 Kietzke Lane, 829-1537
- Vegan options.

Mi Casa, on Second Street.
- Mexican restaurant

Vegetarian Organizations:

Sierra Vegetarian Society
15425 Fawn Lane, Reno, NV 89511, (702) 849-9566

New Mexico

Vegetarian Society of New Mexico
HC #30, P.O. Box 2080, Mesilla Park, NM 88047, (505) 524-7849


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Adam's Table, 3619 Copper NE, near the university, 266-4214
- Vegan except for the soy cheese (which contains milk-derived
casein). Southwestern food. Big salad bar. Sugarless desserts.
Run by Seventh Day Adventists. The buffet is wonderful.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

:Natural Foods:

La Montanita Co-op Supermarket, 3500 Central Avenue SE, 265-4631
- Natural foods store deli. Salads, entrees, soups, sandwiches.
Vegan options. *VRG


Alejandro's New Mexican, 2 locations:
6416 Zuni SE, 265-9555
5801 Wyoming NE, 821-381
- New Mexican. Vegetarian plate, chili, etc. Heart-healthy dishes
marked on as such on menu. *VRG

El Patio, 142 Harvard SE, 268-4245
- Vegetarian chili. "Usually a vegetarian special". Vegan options.

Tio Tito's Original Mexican Grill, 271-0203
- Vegan items.


Michelle's Old World Cafe, 884-7938
- Greek-Mediterranean. Vegan items. Food very good. Live music?

Oasis Restaurant and Lounge, 5400 San Mateo NE, 884-2324
- Has a vegetarian menu. Vegan options. Reservations encouraged.


Shalimar, 84-5 Montgomery NE, 275-7949
- 'Vegetarian' but with non-vegetarian options available.

Bodhi Tree, 127 Harvard Drive SE, 260-0919
- 1/3 of menu vegetarian. Only vegetable oil used. *VRG

Indian Kitchen, 6910 Montgomery NE, 884-2333
- Indian. 11 vegetarian entrees plus soups and appetizers. Vegan

Nirvana, 265-2172

Punjab, 255-9895


Imperial Wok Oriental Cuisine, 601 Juan Tabo NE, 294-1555
- Vegetables, tofu, mock meats. Wonderful unusual sauces. Vegan
options. *VRG


Bangkok Cafe, 5901 Central NE, 255-5036
- Vegetarian menu section with appetizers, soups, curry dishes, etc.
Vegan options.


EJ's Cafe, 2201 Silver SE, 268-2233
- American/International. Pasta, veggie burgers, stir-fries, etc.
Vegan options. *VRG

Souper Salads, several locations
- Salad bar restaurant.

Artichoke Cafe, 424 Central SE, 243-0200
- International. Limited vegetarian options. Pricey. Closed Sundays.

Humphrey's Cafe, Museum of Natural History, 764-0058

Natural Foods Stores:

La Montanita Co-op Supermarket, 3500 Central Avenue SE, 265-4631

Robin's Natural Foods, 298-0588

Wild Oats Market


Vegetarian Society of New Mexico, Albuquerque Chapter
P.O. Box 81963, Albuquerque, NM 87198-1963
Contact: Karen Schwartz, (505) 298-5010


Thyme to Savor, 2000 Camino del Pueblo, (505) 867-5444
- Cafe. Some vegetarian and vegan foods. Counter service. Supper is
take-out only. *VRG

Las Cruces

Kalandra's, in a mini strip-mall on Espina Street near Boutz
- New (opened Spring '94) vegetarian restaurant. Great vegetarian and
vegan foods for a reasonable price. Menu changes weekly. Live music
on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm to midnight. Open Tue-Sun.

Mesilla Park

Vegetarian Society of New Mexico
HC #30, P.O. Box 2080, Mesilla Park, NM 88047, (505) 524-7849

Rio Rancho

Fortune Cookie, 1011 Rio Rancho Blvd, (505) 892- 4500
- Chinese. Full service. *VRG

Santa Fe

Thanks to Patricia Rathbone & the Sangre de Cristo Animal Protection,
Inc., of Santa Fe for much of the following listings.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Healthy David's, 418 Cerillos Road, 982-4147
- Totaly vegetarian, mostly vegan.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Becker's Delicatessan, 403 Guadalupe, 988-2423
- Vegetable soups, nut burgers.

Chicken Express, 315 Old Santa Fe Trail, 986-9888
- 50% of menu is vegetarian; environmentally-friendly.

Julian's, 221 Shelby, 988-2355
- 40% of menu is vegetarian.

Cloud Cliff Bakery and Restaurant, 1805 Second Street, 983-6254
- Natural foods. Organically grown grains in breads/pastries. Full
service. Open daily. *VRG

Cafe Pasqual's, 121 Don Gaspar, 983-9340
- Natural foods. Known for breakfasts and Southwestern fare. Decent
vegetarian selections.

Natural Cafe, 1494 Cerrillos Road, 983-1411
- International. Vegan options.

Wild Oats Market Deli, 2 locations:
1090 St. Francis Drive, 983-5333
on Cerillos Road close to I-25

Hunan, 2440 Cerrillos Road, 471-6688
- Chinese. Wide variety of vegetarian Hunan and Peking style Chinese
foods. Vegan options.
Szechwan, 1965 Cerrillos Road, 983-1558
- Chinese. 10 vegetable and tofu entrees. Vegan options.
Fortune Cookie
Karen's Asian Cafe
Peking Palace
Shohko Cafe
Star of Siam
Yin Yang

Delhi Palace, 142 Lincoln Avenue, 982-6680
India Palace

La Traviata
Tony's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

:Mexican and Spanish:
Baja Tacos, 2621 Cerrillos Road, 988-5258
- Mexican. Vegetarian menu. Vegan options. Fast, healthy, and fresh.
Tecolote Cafe, 1203 Cerrillos Road, 988-1362
- Mexican/New Mexican. Known for breakfasts. Beans and chili sauces
made w/pure soy oil, no lard. *VRG
Tomasita's Santa Fe Station, 500 S. Guadalupe, 983-5721
- New Mexican. Vegetarian options marked on menu. Beware, the red
and green chilis are not vegetarian. Vegan options.
The Burrito Company
Casa Margarita
Casa Sena
Don Jose's
El Comal
El Farol
Guadalupe Cafe
Jackalope Cafe
La Plazuela
Maria Ysabel
Molly's Kitchen & Lounge
Tapas Papa Frita
Tia Sophia's
Tortilla Flats

The Atrium
Aztec Cafe
Carlos's Gosp'l Cafe
Celebrations Restaurant
How On Earth Deli
Mucho the Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe
The Noon Whistle
Manana the Restaurant
O.J. Sarah's
Ore House on the Plaza
Palace Restaurant
Patis CorBae Bakery & Cafe
Plaza Cafe
Santa Fe Gourmet
Zia Diner


Sangre de Cristo Animal Protection, Inc.


Wild and Natural Cafe, 812 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, (505) 751-0480
- Vegetarian. Southwestern-style low-fat menu. Non-dairy daily
specials. Vegan options. *VRG

Apple Tree, 123 Bent Street, (505) 758-1900
- Natural foods. Vegetarian options for salads, soups, appetizers,
specials. Vegan options. *VRG

The Caffe Tazza, 122 Kit Carson Road, (505) 758-8706
- Cafe. Espresso bar with vegetarian tamales, chili, soup specials.

The Outback, 712 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, (505) 758-3112
- Gourmet pizza. Pasta, salads. Closed Sundays. *VRG


Many thanks to Johnn Tan <> for supplying the Utah
listings. If you go to any of the below listed or other vegetarian
restaurants in Utah, please send Johnn a review. If you have *any*
questions or comments, send them to Johnn as well.

The phone area code for all of Utah is (801).


Shallow Shaft, Little Cottonwood Canyon, 742-2177
- Varies with the season. Always have pesto pasta, veggie pizza. Often
have a vegetarian pasta special (pasta made on premises). Use local
products whenever possible, organic when possible, most items
broiled or baked, saute in olive oil mostly. Dinner, $11-$25.


Great Harvest Bread Company, 4667 S 2300 E, 277-3277
- Delicious varieties of bread made from stoneground (on premises)
100% whole Montana red wheat.


Chumley's Cafe, 130 S. Main, (801) 635-9825
- Vegetarian. Closed Sunday. *VRG


Great Harvest Bread Company, 96 N Main, 543-0304
- Delicious varieties of bread made from stoneground (on premises)
100% whole Montana red wheat.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Angies Restaurant, 690 N Main, (801) 752-9252
- American family restaurant. Vegan-friendly. Several vegetarian items
on menu, including a breakfast veggie skillet, several lunch items,
including a veggie club sandwich with avocados, cucumbers, tomatos,
cheese, also a garden burger, and vegetarian lasagna. Very
cooperative with subsitutions and suggestions. Open daily
5:30am-10pm, Fri-Sat open to 11pm.

Natural Foods Stores:

Shangri-La Health Foods, 438 1/2 N Main, (801) 752-1315
- Natural and vegetarian food items. Books & appliances. Cruelty-free
cosmetics. Special diet needs. Collection of bulk natural foods,
organic items, holostic health, vitamins and minerals. Open Mon-Sat


Honest Ozzie's, 60 N 100 W, 259-8442
- Vegan options. Quiche, three-bean chili, French lasagna, Ozzie
Oriental, overstuffed baker, sesame noodle spaghetti, Greek salad,
high desert vegetable pie, more. We support local organic growers
and co-ops, always use the freshest fruits, vegetables, whole
grains, etc. Deli & bakery also. Open for breakfast, lunch, and
dinner, $3-$10. Call for winter hours.

Centre Cafe, 92 E Center Street, 259-4295
- Vermicelli with dried tomato pesto, pear & goat cheese salad topped
with warm pinenut dressing. Fresh ingredients prepared daily. Fine
desserts. Dinner, $10-$20.

Catarina's, 51 N Main, 259-6070
- Lasagna, pasta dishes, pizza, and specials. Local fruit and veggies
in season. Nothing deep-fried. No tropical oils. Fresh spices.
Outdoor dining heated in spring and fall. Dinner, $4-$16. Call for
winter hours.


Good Earth Natural Foods, 7206 S 900 E, 562-2209
- Organic produce, natural food deli, refrigerated bulk room, baked
goods and dairy products, natural skin and body care, groceries &
vegetarian products.

Chung's, 1086 Fort Union Boulevard, 565-8181
- Tofu roll, pan-fried noodle, vegetable fried rice, Buddha-Supreme
with tofu in a clay pot, braised tofu, Perfect Health vegetable,
vegetables with fresh rice noodle, lo mien. Most items are
stir-fried. Fresh... Lunch and dinner, $5.95.


Wasatch Broiler, 4927 S State, 266-3311
- Vegetarian-friendly. Our vegetarian dishes include vegetable pasta
& green salads. Potatoes & rice are steamed not fried. We use only
fresh, low-calorie ingredients, with little salt & sugar. Lunch
and dinner, $4-$8.


Green Leaf Cafe, 952 28th Street (inside Bright Day Health Foods),
- 18 vegetarian entrees. Daily specials, 100% vegan, under $4! Pocket
burritos. More. Excellent vegetarian chili. No refined sugar or
white flour. Healthy food to please your pocketbook. Lunch, $3-$5.

Wildflour Bakery, 4387 Harrison Boulevard, in Harrison Depot, 479-3335
- Pesto pizza. Stuffed bread sticks (w/ herb cream cheese, cukes,
sprouts, & other goodies). Calzones: spinach ricotta, fresh
mushroom, cheese. Quiches. More! Everything is made from scratch. No
preservatives. Our soups have a vegetarian consume base (tomato
pesto, leek chowder, fresh mushroom). Breakfast and lunch, $3-$5.

J&S Health Food Store, 341 27th Street, 621-1627 or 621-1629
- In-store restaurant serves wholesome food. Open daily 9am-6pm.

Bright Day Natural Lunches, 952 28th Street, 394-7503
- Natural foods. Vegan options. Open for lunch Mon-Sat. Closed Sun.

The Mexican Place - Senior Frogs, 455 25th Street, 394-2323
- Mexican. Vegan options. Only vegetable oil used. Entrees can be made
without cheese. *VRG

Great Harvest Bread Company, 272 Historic 25th Street, 394-6800
- Delicious varieties of bread made from stoneground (on premises)
100% whole Montana red wheat.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Wasatch Vegetarians, 1195 West 5050 S., Ogden, UT 84405, 393-8349

Park City

Ziggy's, 1384 Lowell Avenue, Park City Resort, 649-2776
- Veggie lasagna, vegetarian soups, manicotti, ravioli, salads,
spaghetti, veggie dips, fruit plate, pasta salad, pizzas. Specials
available. All items baked or broiled. Espresso, cappucino served.
Jazz music atmosphere. State liquor licensee. Lunch and dinner.

Pastabilities, 330 Main Street, 645-8898
- Four-cheese & garden lasagnas, 3-cheese & spinach baked manicotti,
fettucini primavera, pasta w/ fresh basil pesto, pasta marinara,
pasta w/herb butter parmesan, cheese-filled. Fresh dark greens.
Excellent sources of complex carbohydrates. Low-fat, low-cholesterol
items available. Lunch and dinner, $4-$15.

Nacho Mama's, 1821 Sidewinder Drive, 645-TACO
- Enchiladas w/spinach, peppers and cream cheese in a verde sauce,
cheese enchiladas, all vegetarian burritos, tacos & enchiladas,
tostadas, salads. All sauces made fresh daily. All vegetarian-based.
Dinner, $6-$13.

Morning Ray Cafe, 268 Main Street, 649-5686
- Continental breakfasts, homemade granolas, pancakes. Artichoke
croissant, veggie sandwich, falafel plate, bean burger, veggie
Reuben. Fresh pastries, desserts, breads, and croissants daily.
Fresh roasted coffee & espresso. Organic ingredients used whenever
possible. Liquor licensee. Breakfast and lunch, $2-$6.
This place becomes Evening Star Dining for dinner. See below.

Main Street Pizza &, 530 Main Street, 645-8878
- Calzone #3, vegetarian pizzas, gourmet pizzas vegetarian style,
garlic bread and salads, vegetarian oriental stir-fry. We bake,
broil, or saute everything. You won't find a deep fat fryer here.
All ingredients are as fresh as imaginable. Lunch and dinner,

Leger's Produce, 1351 Kearns, 649-5678
- Veggie sandwich with your choice of Haas avocados, lettuce,
tomatoes, onions, sprouts, mustard, and cheese. Come on in. We'll
make you a good sandwich. Lunch, $3.

Fairweather Natural Foods, 1270 Ironhorse (just off Bonanza), 649-4561
- Groceries, herbs & supplements, soups & sandwiches, total body care.

Evening Star Dining, 268 Main Street, 649-5686
- Veggies sauteed in sesame oil w/ ginger root, tempeh sate, sesame
ginger tofu w/ snow peas, veg lasagna, tostada grandes, pasta
specials, homemade bean burger & more! Creatively prepared wholesome
entrees, organic whenever possible. Homebaked breads & desserts.
State liquor licensee & smoke-free. Dinner, $7-$14.
This place becomes Morning Ray Cafe for breakfast & lunch. See

Cafe Des Artistes, 227 Main, 649-4442
- Gallettes: crepe-like 100% French organic buckwheat batter, all
fresh fillings (spinach & feta, four-bean & avocado, broccoli,
cauliflower, carrot w/ vinaigrette). "This is how Paris was in the
early days, when we were very poor, and very happy." - A Moveable
Feast. Breakfast and lunch, $4-$7.


Govinda's Buffet, 260 North University Avenue, 375-0404
- Hare Krishna lacto-vegetarian restaurant. Vegan options. Lasagna,
spinach fillo, enchiladas, eggplant steak, quiche, saurausjo
potatoes, shepherd's pie, tamale pie, coconut yams, nolesras,
bharatas, etc. Bake or broil most items, fresh dark greens in
salads, bake our own bread, make our own salad dressings. Best
cheesecake, soups. Lunch and dinner, $4-$6.

Good Earth Natural Foods, 384 W Center, 375-7444
- Organic produce, natural food deli, refrigerated bulk room, baked
goods and dairy products, natural skin and body care, groceries &
vegetarian products.

Salt Lake City

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Sun Bun Cafe, 878 S. 900 West, 328-1313
- Vegan options. Supports vegetarianism as a "global ecological
necessity", educates patrons. Nightly dinner specials. Closed
Sundays. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Park Ivy Cafe, 878 S 900 E, 328-1313
- Mostly vegan. Black bean tostada, veggie plate, macro plate, pasta,
brown rice sushi. The best animal-free burger in town. Great juices.
Offers special tofu based entrees for non-vegetarians. We use all
organic beans & grains. All our lettuce is also organic. 'Our entire
menu is vegetarian.' (But they have a fish dish!) Nice, somewhat
quiet, trendy atmosphere. Lunch and dinner, $3-$7. Open Mon-Fri

Long Life Vegi House, 1353 E 3300 S, 467-1111
- Potstickers, eggrolls, eggplant with spicy garlic sauce, mu-shu
vegetables with pancakes. Lemon & cashew "chicken", sweet & sour
"pork" made with soy beans. 'Vegetarian restaurant with no MSG.'
(But they do have a shrimp dish!) Most of the food is made with
Szechwan spicy sauce, steamed or sauteed. Lunch and dinner, $3-$12.

Cafe Meditteranean, 542 E 400 S, 364-4914
- House special: red lentil & spinach soup w/ falafel sandwich,
mujadara (lentil & rice dish), vegetarian couscous, Middle Eastern
plate, tabouleh, hommous. Patio. Espresso, cappuccino, disgustingly
fine pastries. We make everything daily from scratch. Lunch and
dinner, $4-$8.

Wasatch Pizza, 800 E 3300 S, 466-7777
- Eggplant parmesan, pizzas, salads, 30 veggie toppings. Whole wheat
crust, extra virgin olive oil, romaine lettuce, yummy desserts,
catering available. Everything is homemade. Lunch and dinner,

Treasures of the Orient, 1919 E 4800 S, 272-4545
- Stir-fry vegetables. Wok-fried noodles: fettucini with cabbage,
carrots & peapods. Vegetarian chow mein. Hot & spicy pasta:
fetuccini w/ mild peppers & sesame seeds. All of our entrees are
made fresh after the customer orders. No MSG. Lunch and dinner,

Star of India, 177 E 200 S, 363-7555
- Lunch buffet is $4.95. Mostly vegetarian. All fresh fruits and
vegetables, mostly baked items. Lunch and dinner, $5-$16.

Shenanigan's I & II, 2 locations:
274 S West Temple, SLC, 364-3663
7176 S 900 E, Midvale, 565-8400
- 7-layer dip & chips, confetti pasta salad, house salad, Caesar
salad. The "Birkenstuff" sandwich, cheese enchilada. We offer a wide
variety of items suited for a wide variety of tastes, and are more
than happy to accommodate any special dietary needs. Lunch and
dinner, $4-$12.

Santa Fe, 2100 Emigration Canyon, 582-5888
- Vegetarian 7-layer dip, Mexican pizza, quesadilla, cheese enchilada,
relleno platter, sweet corn tamale, black bean tostada, Cajun pasta.
We are open to substitutes. In our Sunday buffet brunch, half of 50
items are vegetarian. Lunch and dinner, $4-$19.

Ruth's, 2100 Emigration Canyon, 582-5807
- Taco, Greek, spinach, pasta salads, veggie sandwiches, quesadilla,
enchilada con queso, chile relleno. No preservatives. Prepared
fresh. Lettuce is mix of 4 or 5 different kinds. Breakfast, lunch,
and dinner, $5-$12.

Ruby's, 564 E 3rd Avenue, 532-7829
- Vegetarian enchilada with black beans, vegetarian lasagna with lots
of spinach, wonderful veg quiche, soups & appetizers galore. Also
catering. Everything is fresh. Produce fresh daily. NO
preservatives. Lunch, $3-$7.

Robert's Deli, 1071 E 900 S, 355-8141
- Falafel, homous, baba ghanouch, tabboule, pasta, eggplant, salads,
sarma, mouhamara, fatder spinach pie w/ pine nuts, moujadara &
vegetarian kebab. Daily specials. No cholesterol. We use 100% extra
virgin olive oil. Grilled kebab. Fresh vegetables all chopped by
hand. Lunch and dinner, $1-$8.

Rio Grande Cafe, 270 S Rio Grande, 364-3302
- Black beans, Rio Grande salad, vegetable enchilada (although
tortillas are currently made with lard). We offer a "healthier"
menu with our vegetable enchilada w/ tomatillo cream sauce. We use
shortening whenever possible. Lunch and dinner, $6-$8.

Red Butte Cafe, 1414 Foothill Drive, 581-9498
- Cold veg sandwich, grilled eggplant sandwich, salad w/ grilled
veggies, French onion soup. Most everything made and baked from
scratch. Dark greens w/ salads, grilled lunch items. Breakfast,
lunch, and dinner, $3-$5.

Pierre's, 3239 E 3300 S (just west of REI), 486-0900
- French goat cheese sandwich w/ greens, pesto, radish sprouts,
tomatoes on homemade herb bread. Fabulous vegetable tarts. Soups and
salads. Rustic breads. No preservatives. Highest quality
ingredients. Food with integrity for health conscious eaters on the
Wasatch Front. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, $3.50 up.

Pie Pizzaria, 1320 E 200 S (downstairs), 582-0193
- Vegetarian Zappi - our version of Italian calzone without meat.
Pizza: your favourite veggies. Great veggie sandwich. Open until 1am
weekdays and 3am weekends. Live music Sun-Tues. Wide variety of
bottled beer. 23" pizza has 16 slices - good for large groups.
Homemade soup. Lunch and dinner, $1-$20.

Peery Pub & Cafe, 110 W 300 S, 521-8919
- Four-cheese cannelloni with vegetable stir-fry pesto cream.
Vegetarian sandwich. We also adjust to different tastes. We
specialize in fresh food cooked from scratch. Our French onion soup
has the only MSG. Will improvise at your request. Lunch and dinner,

Park Ivy Cafe, 878 S 900 E, 328-1313
- Black bean tostada, veggie plate, macro plate, pasta, brown rice
sushi. The best animal-free burger in town. We use all organic beans
& grains. All our lettuce is also organic. Our entire menu is
vegetarian. The Conscious Art of Nourishment. Lunch and dinner,

Park Cafe, 604 E 1300 S, 487-1670
- Vegetarian stir-fry, vegetable hash, garden pasta, salads
(Southwest, Caesar), vegetarian sandwich, fresh fruit plate. No
preservatives. Red leaf lettuce. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner,

New Frontiers Deli (AVENUES),1026 E 2nd Avenue, 355-7401
- Bowl of Plenty (steamed veggies on rice), veggie Reuben, burrito,
three-bean chili, pasta salads, soups are almost always vegetarian.
Green leaf lettuce and red cabbage in salads. Brownies!

New Frontiers Deli, 2 locations:
2454 S 700 E, 359-7913
800 E 200 S, phone number unknown
- Spinach lasagna w/ basil, tempeh and garden vegetarian burgers, 19
different vegetarian salads, three kinds of enchiladas. Some
organic, some commercial produce & herbs. Red and green leaf salad.

Mill Creek Inn, Mill Creek Canyon (3800 South), 278-7927
- Steamed vegetable plate, vegetable fettucini in a white cream sauce
or tomato sauce. We use fresh dark greens in salads and are happy to
make substitutions for vegetarians. Dinner & Sunday brunch, $12-$28.

Midado Restaurant, 67 W 100 S, 328-0929
- Vegetable tempura. Vegetable sushi. Dinner, $10-$17

Leger's Produce, on East Broadway, 578-1752
- Veggie sandwich with your choice of Haas avocados, lettuce,
tomatoes, onions, sprouts, mustard, and cheese. Come on in. We'll
make you a good sandwich. Lunch, $3.

L'Hermitage, 1615 Foothill Drive, 583-5339
- Can request any special arrangements, complete dinners. We will take
care of any special needs. Most food sauteed in classic French
style. Butter mainly used instead of oil. Full liquor licensee (wine
also). Dinner, $13-$18.

Kathy's Ranch Cafe & Market, 4695 S Holladay Boulevard, 278-8242
- Grocery store with organic food and an a health food cafe. Wheat of
Meat burgers, save-the-chicken salad sandwich, vegetarian sandwiches
and salads, vegetable burrito. Organic rice and organic vegetables
when available. No preservatives. A complete natural food market
featuring organic produce, natural groceries, supplements, cruelty
free body care and cosmetics, bulk, books. Lunch and dinner, $3-$5.

Juice, etc., 2042 S 2100 E, 466-5992
- Natural juice bar features 2 complete fresh juice menus, fabulous
fruit salads, gourmet sandwiches, frozen "fruti" bars, juice
extractors & books.

Java Jive, 2132 S Highland, 486-8066
- Cheese & onion sandwich on French bun, vegetarian eggroll, lasagna.
Live entertainment and art gallery. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner,

Inti Restaurant, 2124 S State, South 466-4350
- Peruvian and South American cuisine. Vegetarian dishes made to

India Unlimited, 1615 S Foothill Drive, 583-3300
- A store that offers everything from India. Full line of Maharishi
Ayur-Veda products, cooking classes, spices & condiments, classical
Indian audio tapes & CD's, gifts, one-of-a-kind art, much more.

Helen's Garden Cafe, 6055 S 900 E, 265-0205
- Sunday brunch, mushroom and noodle dish (pappardelle), pirogie can
be made vegetarian, potato pancakes. All made with fresh
ingredients. Bib lettuce and red cabbage. No frozen or canned foods.
Most items are baked or grilled.

Great Harvest Bread Company, 900 E 900 S, 328-2323
- Delicious varieties of bread made from stoneground (on premises)
100% whole Montana red wheat.

Giovanni's, 12 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon, 364-4484
- Grilled polenta w/ fennel marinara sauce, topped w/ asiago & fresh
steamed veggies, Florentine raviolis w/ variety of sauces, many
pastas, vegetable primavera & spaghetti. European-style dining.
Special vegetarian requests handled regularly. Liquor licensee.
Dinner, $12-$18.

Gandhi's Cuisine, 1615 Foothill Boulevard, 581-0222
- Vegetable kurma, eggplant curry, channa masala, vegetable biriyani,
dosas. Nutritious Indian cuisine. Dinner, $7-$10

Free Wheeler Pizza, 1624 S 1100 E, 486-3748
- Veggie pizza & superveggie. Veggie specialty items: broccoli,
spinach, red peppers, pesto, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, fresh
garlic. Whole wheat & sourdough crusts. Fresh vegetables.
Everything prepared fresh daily. Lunch and dinner, $10-$15.

El Patio, 1800 S West Temple, 487-7706
- Lasagna alla Florentina, spinach canneloni, spaghetti alla
primavera, spinach fettucini alfredo, spinach fettucini mushroom,
jumbo cheese ravioli with pink sauce and more. We only use fresh
and home-made products. We offer different sauces with our dinners
and we have a family environment. Lunch and dinner, $4-$7.

Della Fontana, 336 S 400 E, 328-4243
- Eggplant with supreme sauce or mushroom sauce, spaghetti with garlic
butter sauce or mushroom sauce, vegetable lasagna, fettucini. Lunch
and dinner, $4-$18.

Cowboy Grub, 2350 Foothill Drive, 466-8334
- Steamed veggie plate, vegetarian pot pie, veggie sandwich, earthy
sandwich, salad, salad, salad. No additives whatsoever. Over 40
items on salad bar (over half are fresh veggies). We make our own
dressings; in-house bakery. Family-owned and run since 1975. Lunch
and dinner, $6-$12.

Christy's, 212 E 500 S, 532-3701
- Veggie burger, garden burger, grilled veggie sandwich, vegetarian
soups, fruit & cheese plate, veggie plate, steamed veggies with
brown rice, fresh spinach salad. 'All items are 100% vegetarian and
homemade with the freshest ingredients.' (Except for the
non-vegetarian items!) Outside dining when weather permits.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, $4-$6.

Charlie Chow, Trolley Square, 575-6700
- Buddha's Feast, steamed vegetable plate, mu shu vegetable, salads
without chicken upon request. Cantonese vegetable spring roll,
vegetable cashew. All dishes prepared fresh to order. No MSG. Great
variety of desserts! Lunch and dinner, $8-$12.

Cedars of Lebanon, 2 locations:
152 E 200 S, 364-4096
154 E 200 S, 364-4097
- Falafel, tabboule, homous, mousaka, baba-ghanouj, stuffed grape
leaves, couscous, moujaddara, all kinds of salads. We don't use
canned vegetables. We have fresh dark greens. No deep-frying. We use
olive oil and sesame seed oil all of the time. Lunch and dinner,

Le Cafe Trang, 818 S Main, 539-1638
- Spicy? Just ask. Vegetarian roll-ups, vegetarian stir-fry over rice/
noodle, Trang's Vegi Special, vegetarian broth, saute vegetarian
noodle, black bean tofu. We use vegetable oil to stir fry or
without. We can make strictly vegetarian. Tell us your preferences,
we'll gladly help. Lunch and dinner, $3-$9.

Burrito Baby, 221 E. 300 S.
- A great vegan burrito.

Bangkok Thai, 1400 Foothill Boulevard, 583-7840
- Veggie tempura, mushroom soup, pad tofu, pad won, rice noodle
vegetable w/ peanuts, mixed veggies, red curry vegetables. Thai
cuisine is mostly stir-fried with very little oil. Unique herbs and
vegetables are in most dishes to present a flavourful, non-typical
meal. Lunch and dinner, $5-$12.

Baci Trattoria, 134 W Pierpont Avenue, number unknown
- Italian.

Deloretto's, 2939 E. 3300 So., 485-4534
- Italian. Some vegetarian options. *VRG


Gucci's, 8256 S 700 E, 566-1022
- Six veggie-only pasta items. We bake or broil most items. Lunch and
dinner, $5-$10.


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