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David Barnett

May 13, 1993, 12:10:14 PM5/13/93
I've been following with pleasure the threads on restaurants in New Orleans
the past several weeks, and saving them for my files. Now it turns out that
I'll be going there around Sept. 15th, and doing a circle trip up to Mer-
idean, Mississippi, and then down to Biloxi.

The information I'm looking for are recommendations for neighborhood
places that serve good bar-b-que or seafood at all of those locations,
or anywhere in between.

The fancier places with *CUISINE* are nice, but I really like the
neighborhood joints, as long as they're not too wild.

You can e-mail me directly to save bandwidth. Thanks,

Dave Barnett

Edward J. Branley

May 14, 1993, 2:34:13 PM5/14/93

>Dave Barnett

Dave, I just got off the phone with Tom Fitzmorris, who is a local
food critic here in New Orleans. He has a radio show (WSMB 1350)
where they talk about food and restaurants and such. Anyway, he
says there aren't really any good b-b-q seafood places on the Gulf
Coast. He didn't have a recommendation for Biloxi proper, but
suggested Vrazel's, which is on Hwy 90 (the coast road) in Gulfport.
If you're in Biloxi, Gulfport is west, as in heading back towards
New Orleans.

The Gulf Coast isn't my stomping ground, which is why I called Tom.
If you're going to be here in New Orleans, Pascal's Manale on
Napoleon Ave. uptown is the best bet for b-b-q shrimp. Enjoy!

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Donald R. Newcomb

May 14, 1993, 11:38:25 PM5/14/93
In article <> (David Barnett) writes:
>I'll be going there around Sept. 15th, and doing a circle trip up to Mer-
>idean, Mississippi, and then down to Biloxi.
>The information I'm looking for are recommendations for neighborhood
>places that serve good bar-b-que or seafood at all of those locations,
>or anywhere in between.

You will find good seafood all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast but our
favorite barbecue place, An-Jac's in Gulfport, closed recently.

>The fancier places with *CUISINE* are nice, but I really like the
>neighborhood joints, as long as they're not too wild.

This is a review of some of the non-franchise/chain restaurants to be
found along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi ("The Coast") from the
Louisiana border to Biloxi. We also have all the usual chain restaurants.
In Mississippi, wine is classed with hard liquor, so, many places will
serve beer but not wine, for which they need the bar license. Since this
is a beach resort area (sometimes called "The Redneck Riviera") there
are few, if any, restaurants that will refuse to seat customers in
casual (nice shirt & slacks) dress. There are some, however, where this
would be out of place. These have been noted below. We don't have smoking/
non-smoking laws. So, if you are adamant about smoke-free dining it would
be best to call ahead. The prices I mention are about what you might
expect to pay for what a normal person would eat for dinner in that class
of restaurant. So, in a pizza parlor a meal might be a large slice and a
soft drink while at a first rate restaurant it would include drinks, dessert,
etc. The Coast had benefited from the continued collapse of New Orleans as
chefs and restauranteurs flee for the suburbs. The opinions expressed
are my own, your mileage may vary.


Armand's, US Hwy 90. A restaurant out of place. Newly constructed
1st-rate French/Louisiana cuisine on Hwy. 90 among the strip malls.
Go figure? $50/person; bar.

Pass Christian (pronounced chris-chan):

The Blue Rose: I think this is the best on The Coast. Owned by New
Orleans refugees, the Farrars. First rate all-the-way.
French/Louisiana cuisine as found in the best New Orleans restaurants.
Overlooking the small craft harbor. Reservations and coat & tie
urged. $50/person; bar.

The Rusty Pelican: Overlooking the beach. Simple seafood dishes well
prepared with an oriental touch. $10/person; beer.

Long Beach (where I live)

Chimney's: Overlooking the small-craft harbor. Dix & Peter Nord
owners. Gulf Coast fish/shrimp dishes are the specialty. We eat
here frequently. Don't bother looking for any chimneys that is a
prior name for the town of Long Beach. $25/person; bar.

Chappy's: Among the oaks, overlooking the beach. John (Chappy)
Chapman, a New Orleans refugee. New Orleans/ Cajun cusine. Well
regarded but we have not eaten there in a while. $30/person; bar.

Amelia's Po Boys: 1 block off Hwy 90. Amelia is a Boston refugee
who is fortunate that beach dwellers love eccentrics. She has
decorated her restaurant in a combination of nautical, Mardi Gras,
and flamingo (the bird) motifs. You can get a great New Orleans
style Po Boy or North End Boston Sub. She has a variety of Italian
dishes and daily specials. Our favorites are the Shrimp Pistolettes
and the Shrimp Stuffed Artichokes. A live combo plays oldies ('40s
& '50s) on Thurs-Sat nights. $5-$20/person, BYOB.

Beachside Pizza: Between McDonald's and Amelia's. Just what the name
implies. Fast food, wide variety of non-franchise pizza and Italian
items served on paper plates. Stuffed Italian pie, calzone and great
New Orleans style Muffaletta. $5/person.


Vrazel's: Fine dining on Hwy 90, now overlooking the Grand Casino,
formerly overlooking the small-craft harbor. Wide range of French
Creole and Gulf Coast dishes. Meticulous service. Formerly gorgeous
setting now ruined by that monstorous lavender barge. Reservations;
coat & tie urged. $50/person; bar.

Borelli's Ristorante Italiano: We think Teresa Borelli (Oleg) has
the best Italian restaurant on The Coast. We particularly like her
canoli with an espresso. $25/person; bar.

Toucans Mostly Mexican Cafe: On Hwy 49, 1 mile S of I-10. A
different sort of Mexican restaurant. Some people love it, others
hate it. My wife & I are split. $15/person; bar (?).

Le Teagarden: An interesting blend of French and Vietnamese flavors.
I know this may sound strange but the results are quite interesting.
Overlooking the beach on Hwy. 90. I find the chairs a bit uncomfort-
able. $20/person; bar. They may have smoking/non-smoking. We always
sit on one side. There may be a reason.

Biloxi (pronounced bi-lux-y not ba-lox-y):

Hunan Restaurant: Our favorite Chinese place on The Coast. Good,
well prepared dishes, some unusual. Look out for MSG. $15/person;
I forget if they have a bar or not.

Keppner's Gasthaus: Not Luchow's but an authentic German restaurant,
just the same. For people who have a weakness for food aus der
Vaterland. $12/person, beer.

French Connection: Off the beach on Pass Rd. It has been a few years
since we have eaten here, but friends report that it is still one of
the best French restaurants on The Coast. No view.

Luigi's Pizza: Pass Rd. near Keesler AFB. One of the few non-
franchise pizza parlors. Many interesting, hand-made pizzas. They
make some really BIG pizzas for parties.

Mary Mahoney's: Old Gulf Coast landmark. Interesting experience. The
restaurant is a strange jumble of old buildings. I have not been
terribly impressed with the food but the urinal in the men's room
is packed with shaved ice so you can leave grafiti without defacing
the walls. 8-) Reservations, coat & tie urged. $30/person; bar.

Fisherman's Warf: I have not eaten here, but it was suggested by a
friend. It is almost at the East end of Biloxi. For dessert, their
"Fisherman's Warf Pie" is highly recommended. They don't take
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