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Fred Towner

Apr 6, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/6/98

>>From: (Seamus)
>>My girlfriend was saying that she is very fond of Pemmican. Does anyone
>>have a recipe to produce a traditional style pemmican, as opposed to the
>>packets you can buy in the store? Thank you for your help.

Not 100% traditional, but certainly worth a try.

MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.02

Title: Saskatoon Pemmican
Categories: Amerindian, Camping, Dried, Game, Fruits
Yield: 3 cups

1 c Jerky; beef or venison
1 c Dried Saskatoon berries or
-dried blueberries
1 c Unroasted sunflower seeds or
-crushed nuts of any kind
2 ts Honey
1/4 c Peanut butter
1/2 ts Cayenne [optional]

This version uses peanut butter rather than melted suet or lard as the
binding agent, which is more palatable for today's health conscious

Grind [or pound] the dried meat to a mealy powder. Add the dried
berries and seeds or nuts. Heat the honey, peanut butter and cayenne
until softened. Blend. When cooled, store in a plastic bag or sausage
casing in a cool dry place. It will keep for months.

From: Edible Wild Fruits and Nuts of Canada,
published by the National Museums of Canada,
ISBN 0-660-00128-4


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