European Cooking from Rome to the Renaissance

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Mem Morman

Sep 19, 2001, 3:28:30 PM9/19/01
We are going ahead with our January cooking conference despite the
transportation difficulties.

Nanna Rognvaldardottir (yes, it's her real name...) from Iceland will be
speaking on "Early Icelandic Cooking: The impact of the new
environment on traditional Scandinavian practices" and on the
Harpestreng Manuscripts - also the topic of the newly published
"Libellus de
arte coquinaria: An Early Northern Cookery Book" by Rudolf Grewe and
Constance Hieatt.

Cindy Renfrow will also be there and will be doing a workshop on Period
Food Coloring Agents and will be talking about her research on "Take a
Thousand Eggs or More". She'll also be giving us her grand proposal
for an internet database of period culinary documents, commentary,
glossary, etc.

We have lots of other speakers and papers and two great banquets planned
- one Renaissance German and one 17th c. French.

Take a look at the web site at for further details. Or get
in touch with me at: if you need further information.

Mary Morman

Judy Gerjuoy

Sep 20, 2001, 3:51:54 AM9/20/01
This is really good news, that you are still going on as planned. I went
to the first one and had a wonderful time! The weather was lovely, and the
classes and people were even better. I learned a lot and ate far too much
of really good food!

It is definately worth going to, and I will plan on doing so.

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