Taliban co-founder: Strict punishment, executions will return

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Mack A. Damia

Sep 24, 2021, 3:23:05 PM9/24/21

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Afghanistan after having been pushed out of power
by the US and its allies, are on the way to winning
their third election in a row.

US officials now admit that in 2010, ?We gave the
Afghan government an election, and in response we
got an elected government.?

The Western policy to support a ?strong man? for
?transitional? rule until such time as a ?good? and
?neutral? puppet was ready has been disastrous for
Afghanistan, and has even more disastrously failed
to create a stable, non-nuclear Pakistan.

With the current Pakistani government, the United
States has achieved a de facto alliance against
India and has brought an end to decades of war in
Afghanistan, where there have been three wars for
independence since 1839.

The Pakistani-trained, Wahhabi-controlled Taliban
and its allies have been driven out of power in
Kabul, and the new leaders have even signed the US-
sponsored ?Afghanistan Compact? with the United
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