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Vidal Marron

Dec 31, 2020, 2:38:48 PM12/31/20
On 31/12/2020 16:59, Fat Fetishist David R. Procter wrote:
> On Thu, 31 Dec 2020 08:56:43 -0800, Fat Fetishist David R. Procter
> <> wrote:
> He doesn't mind the stink. After all, look who he is married to.

Who is he married to?
You don't know. You've no idea what she looks like because 'Steve'
hasn't been stupid enough to post his life all over usenet and then act
like a prick like you have. She's not as young as your mail order bride
and she's no where near as old as you. So keep guessing you clueless,
brain damaged prick. That's all you have.

David R. Procter's wife Alma <>
He's mid seventies, she's fortyish.
She gives great head.
His cock don't work. <>
What's a girl to do?

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