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Fulfilment of the old prophecy that "they will kiss the ground from happiness when they spot footprints of another person" (JP)

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Mar 31, 2009, 8:01:54 PM3/31/09
"The incoming destruction will be started by an unexpected wave of
hunger. Hunger in turn is to bring desperation and madness to everyone
in the same way - means to rich as well as to poor, to influential as
well as to insignificant ones. This wave of hunger will hit the
humanity when no-one is to expect it. Deadly events will begin when
the continuation of present ruining of nature, forests, and fertile
soil is to cause the overshooting through the limits of planet to
sustain people. After this limits are overshot, the events will roll
like a huge snowball with a terrifying speed - in a manner very
similar as in the second half of 2008 this happened with the world's
economical crisis. The first sign will be that in shops of even the
richest countries a shortage of food is to appear - because a natural
disaster is to wipe out crops in the last country, the export of food
of which used to make an impression that there is enough food in the
world. This lack of food will be exaggerated by sensation thirsty
press and television. This in turn will cause the eruption of panics
and mass looting of shops with food and mass robbery of food storage
facilities by hysterical crowds. Authorities will react heavy-
handedly, and street fights will erupt. It will be then that guns will
fall into unauthorised hands. These ones with guns will form bands to
secure food for themselves. Thus mass robberies will begin. The chaos
will soon prevail, while authorities will completely loose the control
over the population. Everyone will rapidly find himself and herself
left just to care for themselves. The hunger, robberies, and shootings
will leave first people dead. Because of the chaos, no-one is to burry
them. The plague will begin. People start to die in large numbers.
Electricity power-stations, waterworks, and transport cease to exist.
Governments and countries will disappear while borders between
countries become non-existent. A rapid and massive escape of people
from cities will begin. Waves of desperately hungry people are to
flood villages causing a kind of the "wild west" in there. Farmers who
will still try to grow food become soon victims of robbers and
murderers. In turn without food, without the knowledge how to produce
food, and without the possibility to find a place where hungry crowds
would allow to grow food, soon all these who will still escape of the
plague and robberies, will also fall from hunger and exhaustion. The
total effect will be almost like after the biblical great flood. This
catastrophe will survive only a few sparse people, who will be lucky
enough to escape to so hostile areas that hungry bands of robbers will
not be able to find them in there, and who simultaneously will be so
knowledgeable about principles of surviving in the wilderness, that
they will resort to eating worms, insects, slugs, roots, etc. - just
in order to survive. When finally the nature restores a balance, there
will be so few people left that when one of them meets footprints of
another person, then from the happiness he or she will kiss the ground
- exactly as the old Polish prophecy was foretelling this."

The above is NOT a description of the "end of the world", but just a
deduced scenario of an old Polish prophecy about the incoming self-
inflicted wiping out of the majority of people.

In times of my youth, means in years 1950s, old people frequently used
to repeat the above prophecy. This old prophecy stated that soon
people are going to bring on themselves so devastating catastrophe,
that in the result of it the Earth become almost completely
depopulated. After this mass wiping out of people that closes in, so
few individuals supposed to survive, that after the destruction is
finished, then according to the prophecy "when a man sees footprints
of another man, he will be so thrilled that from the happiness he is
going to kiss these footprints".

What supposed to be the reason for this murderous catastrophe, and how
it is going to manifest itself, the old-timers were unable to explain.
But they were sure of several attributes of it, which will
characterise this man-made catastrophe that is approaching. Let us now
list most vital out of these attributes:

(1) It is NOT going to be the catastrophe caused by the nature nor by
the so-called "will of God". Means, old-timers were decisive in their
prophesising, that this catastrophe is NOT going to be of a natural or
Godly origins, but the reason for it will be people themselves (i.e.
it is not going to be e.g. a flood, nor a meteorite impact, nor
earthquake, nor volcano eruptions, nor anything "natural" - but it
will be caused by people themselves).

(2) This "wiping out of people" will NOT be that prophesised the "end
of the world". Means, after it takes place, the humanity will
gradually heal the wounds and repopulate the Earth again, although
then it is NOT going to be the same humanity as before. I.e. people
will then be different than are now.

(3) The catastrophe is to come soon. Means, old-timers already were
prophesised then, i.e. in Poland of 1950s, that from this catastrophe
we are only tens of years apart, not for example hundreds or thousands
of years. This in turn would mean, that this catastrophe supposed to
arrive to the Earth not later than by 2040s, because starting from
2050s it would already elapse over 100 years since such prophesising.

(4) This catastrophe will NOT be caused by a war. This part of the old
prophecy was the most strange. After all, the only way for a mass
wiping out of humans (apart from the disaster caused by nature or by a
"will of God") which people of 1950s could imagine and describe, was
the murderous "third world war". But this prophecy decisively claimed
that it is NOT going to be a war. For this reason many people from my
generation were then speculating about this prophecy, that probably it
is going to be a kind of "accident" with nuclear weapon, which will
destroy the humanity - similarly as this would be done by the "third
world war" - although due being an "accident" it will NOT be a war.

(5) Only after this catastrophe, numerous other old prophecies
supposed to also fulfil (some amongst of which are described on the
totaliztic web page "prophecies.htm" indicated below).

In 2008 the unexpected and rapid world's economic crisis demonstrated
to us quite clearly why the humanity is NOT going to be able to
prevent this prophesised self-inflicted wiping out of people, and also
illustrated how this catastrophe is to look like. After all, in 2008
the situation in the world started to illustrate to us, how the
shocking short-sightedness of many political leaders brings to the
Earth climatic changes caused by humans. It was also in 2008 that the
world's economic depression was started - also caused by the greed of
rich people. Both these phenomena, means (a) climatic changes caused
by the chase of profits and power, and (b) the world's economic
depression caused by the unstoppable greed of people, illustrated to
us vividly these human characteristics, which in the final effect are
going to bring the prophesised self-destruction onto heads of the
present generation.

Of course, scientists who are researching general trends in the
development of humanity, and also mathematicians who carry our
predictions, already a long ago noticed where this unstoppable chase
of profits is leading the humanity. Therefore already in 1972 the so-
called "Club of Rome" published a document with forecasting entitled
"The Limits to Growth". This document forecasted that the untamed
drive to growth and to increase in profits, will lead to an overshot
and to decline pattern, which could mean that the limits of
sustainability are exceeded. In turn the exceeding the limits of
sustainability is to cause the fall down of the human civilisation in
a number of areas, including the production of food. In the result, a
huge number of people is going to die - perhaps even over 3 to 8
billion of victims of this collapse of our civilisation.

Recently a similar model of catastrophe as the one postulated by
scientists from the "Club of Rome" was also confirmed in a new report
from the Australian CSIRO. Also this report states that the world is
following the path toward a self-destruction. Because this Australian
report is based on present data - which are more current than the data
from 1972, it was able to determine more precisely the date of this
collapse of sustainability of the humanity. According to this data, if
no significant prevention measures are undertaken, this catastrophe so
murderous for the humanity may only be around 20 years away.

Independently from entire organisations and institutions, the alarm is
also raised by individual scientists. For example, not long ago I
encountered an excellent article World shows it's still on course for
destruction", from page B5 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion
Post", issue dated on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. This article again
appeals for waking up and undertaking urgent actions, as in opinion of
this author the humanity soon is to pass through the "point of no-
return" and then the catastrophe becomes unavoidable.

Behaviours and mentalities of typical present politicians and
businessmen are not encouraging the hope that they are able to prevent
the incoming catastrophe. After all, typical present politicians act
according to the principle "let everything collapse and burn - if this
helps me to stay in power". In turn typical present businessmen act
according to the principle "since my factory makes profits and allows
me to make further millions - then for me does NOT matter that it
kills people and brings closer the end of the world". In the result,
it is just almost sure that this old prophecy regarding the self-
inflicted wiping out of the majority of humans, is going to fulfil
itself. In turn seeing what happened with the economic crisis of the
end of 2008 and beginning of 2009, already now we can deduce what the
scenario of this incoming self-wiping out of people is going to look
like. The description of collapse of the humanity from the beginning
of this post was just a brief summary of this scenario.


In this post I try to realise that the old Polish prophecy about
approaching time when "a man is to kiss the ground where he sees
footprints of another man" just gradually begins to fulfil itself in
our sight. A full content of this prophecy, requirements which needs
to be met by people in order to avoid the fulfilment of it, and also
other similar old prophecies from the area of Poland which just
started to fulfil themselves, all these are described in "part
#H" (e.g. see item #H4 in there) from the totaliztic web page named
"prophecies.htm", update of 21 March 2009, or later. The web page
"prophecies.htm" contains also a lot of further information about old
Polish prophecies - e.g. examples of prophecies which fulfilled
themselves just recently, descriptions of mechanism which triggers the
fulfilment of prophecies, explanation why prophecies are passed to
people, disclosure who tells prophecies to people, end many more. The
latest update of the web page "prophecies.htm" - already with
descriptions of the above prophecy, should be available, amongst
others, at the following address:

The web page "prophecies.htm" is also installed on several rarely
visited web pages of totalizm, for example on the web pages: ,
, ,
, , and

It is also worth to notice that practically all totaliztic web pages
are available at each web site of totalizm. Therefore, independently
from the web page "prophecies.htm", each address (server) indicated
above also offers all other web pages of totalizm - unless some of
these web pages were sabotaged, or are so new that I had no time yet
to upload these at a given address (server). (But in a case when for
some reasons a page is unavailable under a given address, still at
this address a MENU should be available which has links to other
addresses (servers) of totalizm, on which a given web page should
already be accessible.) Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions
from any other totaliztic web page, e.g. from a web page listed in
this post, or listed in other totaliztic posts, then in the above
addresses the name "prophecies.htm" is just enough to exchange for a
name of the web page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. for the name
of web page "bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm", "healing.htm",
"oscillatory_chamber.htm", "eco_cars.htm", "boiler.htm",
"fe_cell.htm", "free_energy.htm", "telekinetics.htm",
"dipolar_gravity.htm", "nirvana.htm", "totalizm.htm", "evil.htm",
"god.htm", "god_proof.htm", "bible.htm", "evolution.htm",
"wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm", "malbork_uk.htm", "memorial.htm",
"newzealand.htm", "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm", "fruit.htm",
"text_1_5.htm", "explain.htm", "day26.htm", "ufo_proof.htm",
"katrina.htm", etc., etc.

If the above text needed to be cut down here to fit into the memory
that is available, or it is difficult to read, or links from it refuse
to work, then it is worth to know that this post is repeated on
several blogs of totalizm - where it carries the number #166E. These
blogs of totalizm can be accessed through following internet

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

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