Ghost Horses

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Heather M. Pellet

Apr 12, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/12/95
I know half of you think I'm nuts anyway, but this really is a true story...

A few years ago I rode at a big show barn in Northwest New Jersy that had one
of its barns burn down in 1985 or 1986. About thirty horses died in the fire
and it was pretty widely reported because three people died too. Anyway, they
built a new 40 horse barn with an indoor attatched to it on the same spot.
I was at the barn pretty late one night, finishing up after lessons and I was
the only one around. I thought I heard horses running aournd in the indoor.
Thinking that someone had left their horse out by mistake, I went out to bring
it in, but there was noone there. I was pretty freaked out and I finished what
I was doing as fast as I could. Of course once I went back into the barn, I
heard the horses again. I left as fast as I could.
I know all this sounds a little far fetched, but has anyone else had similiar


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