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Putting kids' handprints on fabric?

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GwenO MS

Nov 13, 2001, 5:40:23 PM11/13/01
All seven grandchildren will be here for Thanksgiving. How can I put their
handprints (and maybe even footprints) on fabric? What kind of paint/ink to
use? How to make them permanent? Thanks in advance,
Gwen in S.E. PA

Debbi Kulick

Nov 13, 2001, 6:04:14 PM11/13/01
for a school project, we used permanent ink to trace the children's hand
prints. Then traced with fabric paint (something along the lines of puffy

Debbi in SO CA

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Monique Reed

Nov 13, 2001, 6:47:33 PM11/13/01
If they're coming for Thanksgiving, some cranberry sauce, some gravy,
some pumpkin, some candy, a little pie, and a hot iron ought to do

:-D Monique


Nov 13, 2001, 7:23:31 PM11/13/01
I did this with my nieces when I was home last Christmas.
I used 'Scribbles' 3-dimensional paint...found it in 'Michael's' store...can
be used on fabric or just about any other surface.
Fabric needs to be pre-washed, and then needs to dry flat for 24 hours, can
be washed after 72 hours.
I got the girls to pretend to wash their hands with the paint on their
palms, and then SPLAT...their hands on the fabric.
Lots of fun, lots of mess. I would advise you to do one child at a time,
depending on their nieces were both under 3 years of age, so I
definitely made a mess everywhere! It came off everything, except the
backing of the cotton smocks they were wearing...the vinyl smock front wiped
clean, as did the wooden floors, wooden benches, and even the white paint on
the bathroom door (which by the way, looked great with a red handprint on
Hope this helps,
Jayne Sheehan (giraffe)

GwenO MS <> wrote in message


Nov 14, 2001, 6:54:21 AM11/14/01
This is totally my time.
I paint on material for a few month now and I am doing a quilt for my
daughter teacher (she is living us this year).
I use Crisitex paint it is a special paint from south Africa (they do the
most beautiful painting in material there) wash of those little kids hands
very easy if you wash it right away then you put it in the dryer for a hour
and Abracadabra it's done ready to be put together and you have a wonderful
tablecloths or a beautiful quilt. I am doing for my mom Christmas her
children and wife and husband on napkins and grand children on tablecloths.
You can contact their distibutor here she is very sweet, and I find her
paint very fair price (trust me I did my homework on this)
So to find her go on Crisitex web page, go to distributor and she is Celeste
in NC.
Good luck hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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John A.

Nov 14, 2001, 6:20:19 PM11/14/01

Seems to me the best way to get the grandkids to put permanent
handprints on fabric is to tell them specifically not to touch it,
then leave them alone in the room with it while you go tell your
children how beautiful it is and how you plan for it to part of a
family heirloom.

Seems logical from my own experiences as a young grandson. :)

John A.


Nov 14, 2001, 8:02:01 PM11/14/01
You might be able to find stamp pads that are large enough for their
hands/feet, depending on the kids' ages. Many stamp pad inks are permanent on
fabric. Otherwise, good quality craft paint with some fabric medium mixed in
will work well, as long as you follow the (simple) directions. Hopefully you
have a local crafts store, i.e., Michael's or Hobby Lobby where you can get
these materials.
I've always thought it would be neat to make a holiday tablecloth with the
kids' handprints over the years, but just haven't gotten around to it....yet!

-JoyceG in rainy WA state

Gwen pondered:


Nov 15, 2001, 12:07:37 AM11/15/01
I'd use fabric paint. Put a big glob on a paper plate, brush it onto their
hands with a sponge brush (too much paint = really messy handprints), and let
the press away!

As far as footprints, I've noticed from watching nurses do newborn prints that
the easiest was is to have the baby on his back and do the paint application
and stamping vertically. I think babies curl their toes or something when you
try to do that part with them upright. Of course, I don't know for sure, my
"kids" are wiener dogs.



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Erin Ryan

Nov 15, 2001, 9:57:57 AM11/15/01
At the end of last Spring, several friends of my daughter were moving away
from the area. As they had been good friends for many years, we decided
to have one t-shirt for each kid, and have each kid put his/her handprint
on each shirt, with each person's name underneath. It was a great way to
remember each child.

We used fabric paint, and had each dip his/her hand in the paint and then
on the shirt. Depending on what kind of fabric paint you use, the
directions for making the paint permanent may differ. Our directions said
to let the paint dry, and then iron over the area on the wrong side.
That's exactly what I did, and even after many washings, the handprints
are still the same!


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Barbara Easton

Nov 16, 2001, 8:51:19 AM11/16/01
Acrylic paint is great - the little bottles you buy at craft stores. The
store also sells small bottles of "fabric medium" in the same section. You
mix 2 part paint to1 part medium (I think - it's on the bottle). It insures
that the paint won't make the fabric stiff.

I've made tons of sweats and t-shirts with painted designs without the
medium though and stiffness was so minimal I didn't bother using the medium
on sweats when I found it. On cotton for quilting, the stiffness may be
more noticeable. Some paint colors seem to be stiffer than others.

The clothes were worn and washed often and they wore out but the painted
designs were still beautiful.

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