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Vietcong 2 Game Free Download

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Kena Sugrue

Dec 10, 2023, 9:26:04 AM12/10/23
Vietcong 2: How to Download and Play the Classic FPS Game for Free
Vietcong 2 is a first-person shooter game set during the Vietnam War. It was released in 2005 by Pterodon and 2K Games. The game features both single-player and multiplayer modes, where players can take on the role of either a US soldier or a Vietcong fighter.

If you want to relive this classic game, you can download it for free from Old Games Download[^1^]. Here are the steps to follow:

Vietcong 2 Game Free Download


Download and extract Vietcong_2_Win_ISO_EN.7z from the website.
Mount the .iso file and run âSetup.exeâ as an administrator.
Follow the on-screen instructions. When they ask you to insert a CD-key, use: NA11-AMB8-751R-4DR8-US7R.
Finish installing the game.
Once installed, open the âCrackâ folder found inside the mounted .iso file and copy the files to your game installation folder.
Run âVietcong2.exeâ as an administrator and enjoy!

Note: You may need to install some additional software, such as DirectX 9.0c or Visual C++ Redistributable, to run the game properly. You can find them on the website as well.

Vietcong 2 is not just a shooter, but also a game that tries to capture the atmosphere and realism of the Vietnam War. You will have to deal with various challenges, such as booby traps, ambushes, tunnels, and snipers. You will also have to command your squad and use authentic weapons and tactics. The game features a realistic damage system, where you can get wounded and bleed out if not treated. You can also use bandages and morphine to heal yourself or your teammates.

The game received mixed reviews from critics, who praised its challenging gameplay, immersive sound effects, and historical accuracy, but criticized its technical issues, short campaigns, dated graphics, and lackluster multiplayer. Some reviewers also noted that the game felt too linear and scripted compared to its predecessor. Vietcong 2 is a game that may appeal to fans of the Vietnam War genre, but it may not satisfy those looking for a more polished and modern shooter experience.

If you want to get the most out of Vietcong 2, you may want to check out some tips and tricks that can help you improve your skills and enjoy the game more. Here are some of them:

Use cover and stealth. The Vietcong are deadly enemies that can ambush you from anywhere. You need to be careful and use the environment to your advantage. Hide behind walls, crates, cars, and other objects to avoid enemy fire. Use crouching and prone positions to reduce your visibility and noise. Use binoculars and your map to scout ahead and plan your route.
Command your squad. You are not alone in this war. You have a squad of soldiers that can assist you in combat. You can give them orders using the command menu or the voice commands. You can tell them to follow you, hold position, attack, defend, or retreat. You can also assign them specific targets or areas to cover. Use your squad wisely and keep them alive.
Use authentic weapons and tactics. Vietcong 2 features a variety of weapons from the Vietnam War era, such as M16s, AK-47s, M60s, RPGs, grenades, claymores, and more. Each weapon has its own characteristics, such as accuracy, recoil, rate of fire, and ammo capacity. You need to choose the right weapon for the right situation and conserve your ammo. You also need to use realistic tactics, such as suppressing fire, flanking maneuvers, grenade throwing, and clearing rooms.
Play online with other players. Vietcong 2 has a multiplayer mode that lets you play with or against other players online. You can choose from different game modes, such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, co-op, and more. You can also customize your character and your loadout. Playing online can be a fun way to test your skills and challenge yourself.


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