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24 nov. 2003 10:22:4124-11-2003
Hi folks...

Recently had to make a sheetmetal cone and found a great piece of
freeware in searching the Net.

If you need to make a funnel (Frustum) or other cone-shapes from
sheet goods, here's a link



Carl Ijames

24 nov. 2003 19:50:2324-11-2003
Yes, it's a nice program. Also, if you don't have a slip roller to roll
up your cone, set the resolution down to something like 16-36 in the
preferences window. That makes it draw visibly straight lines instead
of smooth arcs on the ends. Now tape the paper down to your sheetmetal,
set your brake to the angle corresponding to the resolution you chose
(resolution of 8 needs 3 bends of 90 degrees each; don't ask me to
explain his math :-)) and make a bend on the line connecting the ends of
each line segment at the top and bottom of the cone. You get your cone
with lots of flat sides, but at least the angles are all the same and to
me it's still better than trying to roll it around a random piece of
pipe :-). The more patience you have the more subdivisions you can use
and the smoother the result.

Carl Ijames

"surftom" <> wrote in message

Jim Roberts

24 nov. 2003 22:42:2724-11-2003

Funny you should mention the step breaking method. We are currently
building 4 cones with 96" diameter tops, 10" diameter bottoms that are 96"
tall, 1/4" steel material. They are being built as 3 separate cones, the
bottom and middle cones being made in 3 parts each, the top is 4 parts. We
have to lay out the brake points on all of the pieces, they range from less
that 1/4" apart to over 3", then brake them up, thankfully in a hydraulic
press brake.

My $.02,
Jim C Roberts

PS The pieces were cut with our plasma cutter, 7 sheets of metal per cone.

"Carl Ijames" <> wrote in message


24 nov. 2003 14:13:1624-11-2003
Hello, surftom!
You wrote on 24 Nov 2003 07:22:41 -0800:

s> Recently had to make a sheetmetal cone.....
s> <>

Thx for this wonderful post!

With best regards, ahlbebuck. E-mail:

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