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Mar 20, 2011, 6:10:22 AM3/20/11

I own a metal studio called A Copper Rose Metal Art. I have been
doing repousse and chasing work for about 5 years now. Out of
necessity on a particularly large project, I made my own pitch. I
think it is a nice all around use pine rosin based medium dark green
chasers pitch. It is suitable for most metal chasing and repousse
projects. It is out on the open market place now and has been getting
good reviews! You can go to my pitch website:
to see what people have been saying!

It warms and softens easily with a heat gun or plumber=92s torch to
obtain good relief in your repousse designs, but also firms up nicely
for planishing and chasing work.

This pitch has great adhesion to the metal while working, yet it
releases the metal easily with a little heat from a heat gun or
leaving minimal pitch residue on the metal.

It has low odor/fumes and no smoke providing it is properly and
warmed up or melted. The odor that this pitch does have is mild and
pleasant. There is some smoke when, if necessary, excessive pitch
does have to be burned off or when re-annealing the metal, but it
not typically flame up or smoke excessively.

This pitch melts consistently without bubbling/boiling or puddling if
melted slowly and at low temperature. It cools quickly to touch,
minimizing burning risks to the user.

***PLEASE NOTE: All pitches have their particulars: This pitch works
best kept on the warmer side, versus room temperature, etc. It is
easily kept malleable and maintains good adhesion while working on it
with the use of a plumber=92s torch or heat gun keeping it warm to
touch. ***

This pitch is organic, free of petroleum or animal products.

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