Favorite Carb Level For Cider?

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Oct 3, 2021, 12:02:24 AM10/3/21
I'm about to carb up a batch of slightly sweet hard apple cider, about 5%
abv, and I'm just curious if anyone has subjective opinions about carb
levels -- still, low carbing, or heavy carbing?

I know people have preferences all over the map, but I'm curious if any
readers here have a deeper explanation for what the like and why. Maybe
they find high carbonation tends to wipe out the aroma, or maybe too low
tends to make cider seem dull -- whatever people think is something I'd
like to consider.

Bob F

Oct 3, 2021, 2:04:33 PM10/3/21
I do not find it too critical. I usually keep mine around 10-15 psi.
Mine is in kegs, and drops sometimes to around 5 where it starts to flow
slow, reminding me to add some more.


Oct 10, 2021, 9:42:11 PM10/10/21
Bob F <bobn...@gmail.com> wrote in news:sjcrbf$rgb$1...@dont-email.me:
I ended up priming with more cider and bottling. Unfortunately, it carbed
up a lot faster than I was expecting and when I pasteurized in hot water
according to instructions I found online. There was too much C02 and a
couple of bottles blew.

Fortunately I had the lid of the pot on, but the sounds were pretty nerve
wracking and I was worried more were going to blow when I pulled them from
the bath.

Fortunately I got them all out and chilled and they seem stable, but
obviously I'm going to need to be a lot more careful if/when I do another

Bob F

Oct 11, 2021, 2:52:44 AM10/11/21
I never even heard of pasturizing it before.


Oct 13, 2021, 2:58:47 PM10/13/21
Bob F <bobn...@gmail.com> wrote in news:sk0mvq$uih$1...@dont-email.me:
I gather that a lot of people who force carb will use something like
potassium sorbate to stop the yeast, backsweeten and then carb.

Or just carb a dry fully fermented out batch.

For bottle conditioning zapping the yeast first obviously doesn't work.
This is an example of pasteurization:


In the past I've done small batch bottle carbing without pasteurization
where I just chilled the bottles quickly as soon as they hit a good carb
level, and then kept them in the fridge, but that's only practical for
me with a small batch because I don't have a separate fridge.

I've also made fully dried out cider and then bottle carbed with a small
amount of priming sugar. I like dry cider, but the better half doesn't
so I was trying to accommodate her tastes. I'll be more careful next

Bob F

Oct 14, 2021, 9:28:57 AM10/14/21
You could just add a little sweetener when served. My wife likes it
sweeter too, and a paper match head of pure stevia extract does the job
nicely. Or, try a little honey.
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