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Diana Curtis

Jul 23, 2003, 11:44:46 AM7/23/03
A minor lightbulb moment came to me the other day... someone else's post
reminded me of it.
Im not overly fond of bumps on lampwork BUT... there are peices that look
perfectly wonderful and just right with them. Ok... so why do I think I dont
like them? I think its because on some (most?) pieces they look like add
ons instead of feeling like they belong. Its as if an artist looked at their
work in progress and said.. "now what should I do?"..and decided on bumps.
Maybe thats why I can look at a lot of your bumpy beads *those of you who do
bumps* and totally enjoy them.
just a little FWIW here.


Christina Peterson

Jul 23, 2003, 2:28:20 PM7/23/03
What I don't care for on bumpy beads is the oversharp contrast you see on so
many of them. Warring States, I think they're called. Those red, white and
black dots are just too much contrast for me. Also, so many colors, limit
what you can use with them more. I find that applies with other kinds of
beads too.

Also, I had a friend surprise me after looking at my beads. She thought all
the dots and flowers (especially daisy shaped ones) looked way too 60s. I
remember having that reaction before too.


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Dr. Sooz

Jul 23, 2003, 3:47:20 PM7/23/03
Yes. I've gotten to where I don't like most bumps, after being a bump fan. I
like more subtlety in the bumps, and precision. Small bumps in blending colors
are great! But not bulgy bumps or pokey bumps or sharply-contrasting-colored

>What I don't care for on bumpy beads is the oversharp contrast you see on so
>many of them.

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Jul 23, 2003, 7:23:01 PM7/23/03
In article <1058984899.520877@prawn>, "Christina Peterson"
<tinap...@yahoo.com> writes:

>What I don't care for on bumpy beads is the oversharp contrast you see on so
>many of them. Warring States, I think they're called

I love Warring-States style beads.... I don't particularly care for the looks
of the "real" ones... too dull, but if somebody gifted me with one, heck yeah,
I'd accept it! I have quite a few of the modern sort-- including sets (if you
can imagine that...)... Luna Beads, Juanita and, I think, Laurie versions, and
possibly a Kate Childers "mega set" that included some.... I also have a few
Chinese lampwork versions (do these count as "real", since they are a
traditional design made by the decendants of the original artists? Probably in
similar shops?).... I don't think I've actually used any of them, but I like
rolling them around and "matching" them to other beads.
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Kandice Seeber

Jul 23, 2003, 7:36:11 PM7/23/03
I adore bumps - but it totally depends on the color and the size - and I am
very picky about their placement and the technique used to place them. I
don't like messy bumps....but, hey, I am neurotic, so.....
I really love bumps that are an opaque color with a transparent color on
top - they are very pretty and reflective. I also like black bumps on
bright beads, especially if I have beads with a black base elsewhere in the

Kandice Seeber
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Christina Peterson

Jul 23, 2003, 8:25:34 PM7/23/03
Yup, those are the ones I like. Yours. I like dots that are the center of
a swirl. And the kind of analagous colors that look good for innies
(plunges) are also the ones that look good for outies (bumpies). A friend
of mind looked at my beads from you and said, Oooo, you got another boobie
bead. Those beads with dots that start with a wide base, and build up to a
peak, like the areola, and on top a dot like a nipple.


"Kandice Seeber" <see...@comcast.net> wrote in message

Kandice Seeber

Jul 23, 2003, 9:26:06 PM7/23/03
Hehehe - yeah, I do those a lot. My hubby said the same thing! Looks like
boobies! :D
Those beads are really therapeutic to make - more than others. There's
something about controlling the amount that you melt the dot in, and then
putting more on top and getting everything to melt slowly and evenly that
just makes me feel good. I could keep stacking dots over and over and over
again. I think that's why people do warring states beads - because it
usually requires a ton of dot stacking and melting to form lots of layers.
I'm not overly fold of those that use only opaques for the bumps - I like
lots of transparent glass for reflectivity. And the colors have to blend
well - I don't like the clashy look of a lot of warring states beads.
Here I go......don't get me started!! :)

Carol in SLC

Jul 23, 2003, 9:53:14 PM7/23/03
>I love Warring-States style beads..<

Official "me too" post!

Carol in SLC
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Dr. Sooz

Jul 23, 2003, 10:40:49 PM7/23/03
I like bumpy beads with well-spaced small bumps that look like sea creatures.
They are what got me interested in lampwork in the first place. My first one
was a "sea urchin" bead from Schermo! Or the ones that are called "tiles" or
"harlequins" that have small bumps at the junctures. I love clear-topped
bumps. They look like oozing water, or dew, and they play with the light.
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