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FS: Stamps for collectors at the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association website

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Oct 28, 2020, 8:32:19 PM10/28/20

The Fatdane of West Nissouri Stamp has a series of stamp auctions closing soon at the new Canadian Stamp Dealers Association website. The stamps, priced in Canadian funds, will close on Nov 1, 2020 and feature stamps from Canada, Great Britain , Iceland, Guernsey & Aland mint gutter pairs. All can be seen at and while visiting the site have a look at the over 1500 stamps and postcards available for immediate sale with all prices in Canadian funds. For the benefit of Canadian purchasers I pay any GST/HST on your purchase. That's all at so don't delay have a look today. I welcome payments by Paypal, Amex, Mastercard & Visa credit cards, cheques and money orders, and will also accept Canadian Tire Money.
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