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Very limited edition 1995 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader cards - 5 complete sets

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Pete Griffith

Jan 31, 1996, 3:00:00 AM1/31/96
I have a few complete unopened sets of the 1995 Dallas Cowboy
Cheerleader "America's Sweethearts" phonecards. The sets were
offered in a promotion at a sports card show in St. Louis and
have not been released to the public as far as I know.

The set comes in an elegant 9" x 12" Cowboy-silver and blue
display folder with 7 different 10-minute cards:

1) Stacie Drew!!!
2) Michelle Gonzalez
3) Christy Van Meter!!
4) Jayne Phillips!
5) Regina Tucker
6) Melissa Valdez, and
7) a group shot of all six together in the endzone.

The photos were taken at Texas Stadium, home of the World
Champion Dallas Cowboys, and were produced and issued by CGS
Network, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. I have checked, and the cards
are still active and available for use.

There is a suggested retail price of $34.95 on the back of the
folder, but since these are so rare, I am asking $100 per set
(unopened, sealed in plastic). I have a couple that are
complete, but opened for $60. And I have a handful of
individual cards without the display folder in the following

Stacie Drew (4) $18
Michelle Gonzalez (8) $9
Christy Van Meter (6) $13
Regina Tucker (7) $8
Jayne Phillips (6) $12
Melissa Valdez (9) $9
Group Shot! (6) $20

If you are interested in buying them, let me know by sending me
an e-mail message at:

There are fewer than 60 complete sets issued, so this is the
ultimate collectible for the sports card maven... especially
after the Cowboys' Superbowl XXX victory. First come, first

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