My First ALS! Robert Nichols, War Poet.

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jerry morris

Nov 3, 2001, 5:22:46 PM11/3/01
I just received Paul Lemperly's copy of Ardours and Endurances by Robert
Nichols, the English war poet, Chatto & Windus, London,1917, along with
an ALS from the author.
Paul Lemperly was an American book collector who was the secretary and
librarian of the Rowfant Club of Cleveland (1892) and the vice-president
of the Duodecimos (1893), a club of twelve collectors in the United
This book has Paul Lemperly's author bookplate, which was engraved by
E.D. French in 1900.
The envelope containing the ALS is taped to the front free endpaper. On
the reverse side of the envelope is stamped, " OPENED BY CENSOR". I will
make a photo album at Photopoint later on; just wanted to share this ALS
with you for now.
Lemperly, who was also a publisher, had reviewed Nichols' work and
given him some criticism. This is Nichols' reply:

  May 12th,1918                 The Hut,

Dear Mr. Lemperly,
Thanks for the cutting! The criticism I have received in the past has
not always been helpful though generous enough. Whoever W.S.B of Boston
Transcript is, he has read my work with understanding! I rejoice at it.
You people over the other side have real enthusiasm. I have already
received some few letters from you, & though a few were 'duds' there has
generally been a far closer idea of what I am getting at than over this
side. I stretch my hands to the New World, Dear New World & so many
eager hearts in it! At my present time when 'the waters are going over
my head' I am almost submerged in many struggles & much grief it is a
stay to me to feel that thousands of miles away there are those who
really understand & who struggle with me.
Do you know the work of Charle Sorley?
Get it: 'Marlboro & Other Poems' - he was a great man though he was
killed at the age of 21. My friend Siegfred Sassoon you ought to read
too & my friend Bobby Graves 'Fairies & Fusiliers'! I have been
invalided but I am trying to get back into the army. NOW is the time to
strike a last blow for Christendom or go under forever!
Yours Sincerely,
Robert Nichols
W.S.B. of the Boston Transcript is the African-American poet, columnist,
and anthologist, William Stanley Braithewaite.
Charle Sorley is Charles Hamilton Sorley.
Bobby Graves is Robert Graves.
Robert Nichols (1893-1944),because of his war wounds, never did get back
into the army. From 1921 to 1924 he was the Professor of English at the
Imperial University, Tokyo. He later worked on films in Hollywood with
Douglas Fairbanks Sr., before returning to England. Besides Ardours and
Endurances, he wrote Invocations (1915), Fisbo (1934) Such Was My
Singing (1942) and the play, Guilty Souls (1921).

The only word in the letter that I have doubts about is the word, "stay"
in the sentence, " is a stay to me to feel that thousands....." It
begins with 's" and ends in 'y' with two letters in between. If the
second letter is a 't', it is only the second 't' that Nichols did not


P.S. I have way too many different collections now, but "war poets" does
sound interesting, if not timely.


Nov 4, 2001, 1:31:40 AM11/4/01
excuse my ignorance... but what is an ALS?



If you would like to receive emails about future book auctions let me know.


Arthur Nelson

Nov 4, 2001, 1:48:51 AM11/4/01
Autograph Letter Signed
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Nov 4, 2001, 3:07:25 AM11/4/01
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>> excuse my ignorance... but what is an ALS?
>> thanks,
>> robert


Mike Berro

Nov 4, 2001, 11:02:42 PM11/4/01

Very cool. I love stuff that.


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