A Bird at the Door

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Apr 2, 2022, 9:05:11 PMApr 2
I have a small decorative wreath hanging on my front door. I was
expecting a package to be delivered. It had gotten dark outside so I
turned on the outside light and opened the door to see if there was a

I heard the flapping of wings, a startled chirp and saw something fly.
I quickly shut the door and hope the bird flew away from the door rather
than inside.

It's probably a Carolina Wren who decided to build a nest in the wreath.

This happened to me years ago when I lived in West TN. I had a
grapevine wreath hanging on the door but that door was glass-paned so I
could see when a Carolina Wren had built a nest. Not so with this door
so the flapping of wings when I opened the door startled me!

I'll check it out tomorrow in the daylight. I'll exit via the garage
walk up and take a peek to see if I see a nest in that wreath. :)

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